Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oooh La La! Mimi's is back!

Mimi's Cafe has long been a family favorite.  My first trip to Mimi's was for a business lunch back in the early 90's!  Lines were long, service impeccable and food was worth the wait.  In recent years our enthusiasm for Mimi's waned and unbeknownst to us Mimi's had suffered from a buy out and the emphasis that had long made Mimi's a favorite got lost in the shuffle.  FAST FORWARD . . . to now, the FALL of 2013 and Mimi's has reclaimed it's roots with new owners, a new and super enthusiastic executive chef and an amazing new menu that pairs some traditional classics with some exciting new flavors!  The focus on quality and service has returned.  As luck would have it, I was invited to participate in a night unveiling the new menu. The conversation was frank and the new Mimi's team listened and then blew our socks off with a feast fit for former Mimi's enthusiast like myself.
We were greeted with variety of choices:
French Inspired MENU
For more information on the philosophy and story of the all new MIMI's click HERE

As social media enthusiasts we all visited and pecked and clicked away telling of our exciting adventure!
Bloggers Excited to Try the New Menu
Me and My Sweet Pea Enjoying the NEW and IMPROVED Mimi's!
Chef Katie was such fun to be around.  Clearly proud of her new menu, she was eager to please and excited to share in her passion for food.  You should check her out on Twitter and Instagram @mimis_chefkatie

Chef Katie Sutton - What a HOOT!

 One of my favorites was the baked brie!  I've been back to have this twice since!  Make sure you ask for a couple of extra croutons.  There is PLENTY to spread and enjoy!

Artisan Baked Brie

For the seafood lovers the mussels will not disappoint.  Those of that love seafood were clamoring and smacking our lips!   Ms. M was my date by default, but as a Mimi's lover herself she was as excited as I to see what the new menu was all about.  She even tasted and swallowed a mussel -- even after vows that seafood would never pass her lips!  And guess what, she didn't hate it!  I wouldn't say that we won her over, but she did enjoy the flavor!

Mussels à la Mimi’s

 This crepe was definitely a favorite.  I'm looking forward to trying the crepes with some seasonal offerings as well!

Petite Seafood Crêpe

This Pumpkin Bisque was so good and although offered only seasonally, I would make the trip to have it again.   When the servers brought out the famous, but somewhat forgotten bread basket, I think we were all ready to celebrate its return!  So iconic and so missed!  Just as good as I had remembered!

Les Soupes

Mimi’s Signature Bouillabaisse

 Everything is better with an egg and this burger proves it!

Le Burger de Madame

 And then for dessert we were surprised with a sampling of Waffles from the breakfast menu!  I dare say we were stuffed, but the 

Bacon Apple Waffle

Strawberry Waffle Perdu

Since our reintroduction, I've been back 3 times and I look forward to each visit.  You can't miss the fresh baked croissants and the breakfast menu is worth the visit!  I'm hoping to see Mimi's Cafe with waiting lines once again.  It's a true classic and their commitment to customer satisfaction and good food is out to prove it!
Thanks Mimi's for a great night and great food!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pimping Out a Pinterest Project

Some friends of mine and I saw this on Pinterest
Cute, Right?  I don't think she made these.  You can check out her post here.
Perhaps she did.  She has an adorable etsy shop for banners and cute wooden signs that you can see here and here on Pinterest.

Kathy knows how to cut wood.  I, DO NOT!  Great to have talented friends, right?
She agreed to make the pattern and cut the wood if I would work my magic
(her words, not mine) and Sharlynn, Tracie, Kathy and I would get together to make them at my place.  Shar was sick (poor Shar) so we made her a kit,
but Tracie, Kathy and I had a blast last night and this is the
we came up with.  They would tell you I came up with. . . 
They're probably right, but having their energy helped me out a lot!

 All together
 On my piano with the flash on
all natural light. . . lovely I think!

We decided we loved them so much we are making a new set for the 4th of July and a set for Halloween, just because they will be soooo much fun to make!

Shar we missed you!  Kathy and Tracie, thank you!  Love you all!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just in Time For Christmas! $50 Shutterfly Credit Giveaway! PLUS a chance to win more prizes from Shutterfly!

Want to win?   Keep reading!  To Go to Shutterfly, Click the Photo Above. 

I was invited to a wonderful dinner on Thursday with several AZ blogger friends (all of whom are much more famous than I! CraftyVanessa,  JenkinsKidFarm,  PinkCakePlate, MeAndMyInsanity, APlaceForUS, MinefortheMaking, Mrs.Celebration )  We got to enjoy an awesome evening at Oregano's in Scottsdale and see all of the awesome Shutterfly Christmas Cards up close and personal!  They are truly beautiful.  Lots of Shutterfly Discount Codes are available right now too!  Try SHIP50 (free shipping at $50+) and CARD30 for 30% off select Christmas cards!

We ate:

and ate:
and laughed:
 And Shared:
I was asked to share my secret for getting my kids to pose and smile for great photos.  As you can see by this older Christmas photo shoot  they don't always smile. . . sometimes they make faces, and sometimes they are just cheesy!  I put these photos on a canvas so I definitely think they are #cardworthy! 

The secret that works for my kids (especially the boys) is FOOD!  I am not too proud to let you all know that I BRIBE my kids. . . regularly. . . It was shared at the event by CraftyVanessa that Marshmallows work well for her!  For more ideas on Family Photo Day click  HERE.

So, how do you win? 

Post a comment below tell me your secret for getting your family to pose and smile.  For additional chances to win share this post on FACEBOOK,  GOOGLE+, TWITTER, PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM (one additional entry for each share) and follow one or all of the following Shutterfly Social Media Links.  Let me know how many entries you deserve (and we'll check up on you!).  Drawing will be held on December 11th so hurry!!!

Want to win even more?  Click below to enter the Cardworthy Photo Sweepstakes!

Merry Christmas!  Hope you have the best holiday ever!  My Shutterfly Cards will be in the mail soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Makings of a Young Women Handout

I am often asked where I come up with the ideas 
for my Young Women handouts.  
While I do LOVE making them 
and I LOVE when they turn out better than I had envisioned, 
I don't know that I truly have a secret for coming up with the idea.

Usually, I start with the lesson. 
 All of my lessons are found at  
This year we are on Manual 3.  
I usually figure out what part of the lesson I want the girls to remember 
and then I locate a thought, quote or scripture that enforces that lesson.

For Easter I knew I wanted to focus on the YW Values 
and so I went hunting for Easter candy.   
I bought oodles of jelly beans in YW Value colors 
(no such thing as gold jelly beans- hence the golden-Carmel filled egg) 
and I also knew I wanted to use the Lamb to represent the Lamb of God.

Later I thought about what I wanted them to think about who they are
 in relationship to the message of Easter. . .I wrote this:
This Easter place your values where your mouth is!  
Stand as a witness of God at all times 
and in all things and in all places 
as you bear witness of the divine mission of the Lamb of God.  
Be thou an example of the believers. 
 (All paraphrased from the YW Theme, YW Values and 1 Timothy 4:12)

I already had these Wilton disposable icing tubes which are
already ideally shaped for Easter!

I composed my text into the shape of the "carrot" and placed
it on this Cyrstal Wilkerson Houndstooth  digital paper.

Then I made the Happy Easter tag!  
I used CTMH Splendor paper and some 
miscellaneous CTMH Stamps.

Some green ribbon for the carrot -

all with a little help from my Freckle-Faced Strawberry
and there's the magic!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking the Streak . . .

I was on a roll, just not rolling on the right hill.
I'm not counting the number of consecutive days I didn't blog. . . 
I'm just going to get back on track.

Take time to be creative every day.

April Card Class

 One of my Faves
Green, Black and Cream with vintage aging. . . yummy!
Astounding Generosity!

 Fun color combination and I don't like purple!
For a Friend

 I think this was my personal favorite! Water brush, dye ink painting technique.
It's Your Day

The Class liked this one!
Beautiful Spring

Mother's Day Apron - It's an open-able card and a refrigerator magnet.
I based this off the BBQ Grill Apron that's been around for a few years now.
Mother's Apron

Another Class Favorite - Brown and Red, always a classic!
Love Tree

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I aM nOt SUrE WhAt WiLl FRIgHteN YoU MOrE. . .

The art that I'm posting 
which is certainly SPOOKY! 
or the fact that I am posting at all! 
 I would love to say that my absence is all from lack of time, 
and while time certainly has been a factor,
 truthfully, its more FEAR; 
the fear of rejection. . . 
the fear that no one cares if I post,. . . 
and the fear that no one cares if I'm even here. 
It scares me. 
 I'm sure on the surface we all look like we have it all together,
 but I don't. 
 You see, lately, 
I've had more in my life 
and on my plate 
that I feel I can cope with and adding it to for any reason 
would be more than I am able to bear. 
 Sad, but true. . . 
I wish I didn't allow fear in my heart 
except for maybe an occasional spook house on Halloween.
Now, I've opened up. . . FEAR an All.
Hope I didn't Scare you all right away.
 Scared or not, here is my post. 
 This was my Trick or Treat class Friday night.
Boo Crew Board Book

Cover of Boo Crew Board Book

Back of Boo Crew Mini Board Back

12X12 One Sheet Wonder Box

Candy Box

Candy Box Back

Candy Box Side 2

Boo Bag