Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Owe Me A Milkshake!

A little something for a friend that is very nice to me. To make one of your own you will need 2 small wash cloths, a clear plastic cup, a straw and decorations of your choice. Roll the washcloths and layer in the cup, decorate, cut the straw, insert and add a "cherry!" Supposed to have been for Valentine's Day about 2 years ago, but I finally got one done!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wishing You Love

For my 12 adorable Beehive Valentine's. . .

Friday, February 5, 2010

Completely and Utterly Off Topic and Yet Completely Relevant

Many know that I am in real estate, have been for 20 years. . . I love real estate, but never really blog about it because it's my job and blogging, along with my other hobbies are for fun. Anyway, this is a timely topic that I thought might help some of my readers regardless of where they live because of the economy which currently plagues us and by which I too have been completely affected. . .

A common question from borrowers and homeowners these days is how long they will need to wait to buy again if a negative item appears on their credit report. Different loan programs have different disqualification periods for Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Short Sale. Once the automatic disqualification period has elapsed, the normal income/asset/credit requirements typically apply. It is also important to remember that if a mortgage account is included in a Bankruptcy, then foreclosure waiting periods apply with all loan programs. Here is breakdown by loan program:

Conventional Loans

  • Bankruptcy = 4 years
  • Foreclosure = 5 years
  • Short Sale = 2 years

VA Loans

  • Bankruptcy = 2 years
  • Foreclosure = 2 years
  • Short Sale = industry standard is 2 years

FHA Loans

  • Bankruptcy = 2 years
  • Foreclosure = 3 years
Short Sale = industry standard is 3 years unless no late mortgage payments have been made in the past 12 months and buying in a different geographic location (out of state job transfer for example).

In trouble? Find a qualified Realtor and find out all you can about your options before losing your home. It's worth trying to short sale first in most cases. Hope this detour from my regularly scheduled blogging helps someone!

P.S. For a more lighthearted post please see my post on my Moments in Time Blog and for a heart wrenching, but soul growing experience, you may want to check out my post here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Twitterpated with Twitterpated!

I am just twitter-pated with Twitterpated! Who knew mushrooms could make such cute page accents?!?! I love how the layouts for my scrap club turned out this month! All the moving and unpacking has me still way behind on life and creating. . . it's the creating part I miss the most! So glad to have people who WANT me to be creative so I can share my time with them. Thanks to my 9 club gals for keeping me going!

When I revamped my class I took it from "Get-it-Done" to making 3-2 page layouts from the same kit, but it's not necessarily about getting as much scrapped as possible, but more about just making beautiful pages. It's loosely based on CTMH's Workshop on the Go, but I just prefer to make the class my own. You can buy the workshop on the go and make it on your own at home, so that makes it nice, but I like to have hands on classes too! It was a nice change of pace and the class loved the different looks we achieved with the same paper pack.

2 Page Layout One - Just SMILE!

2nd 2 Page Layout - Family and Friends

2 Page Layout - Oh This Face! (Wyatt)
- and once again I proved my old theory that you don't have to have boy themed paper to make boy pages. . . or maybe my boys just exude so much testosterone they can actually wear pink and make it look masculine!

CTMH Products and Supplies Used: Twitterpated Level 2, Twitterpated Workshop on the Go Exclusive Stamp Set, Ribbon Rounds in Chocolate, Basic Brad Assortment, Dimensional Elements Organic, Ink in Chocolate, Crystal Blue, Sweet Leaf and Sorbet

Studio J is coming soon and I've been using it during the preview period. I LOVE that my pictures can be any size and fit perfectly in the layouts and I don't have to print my photos! I LOVE that with the right photographs I can pick ANY paper pack CTMH has offered in the past 5 years and have a layout done in literally a few minutes. . . I don't love that there is no dimension, which is what keeps me from going all digital in the first place! This is an example of one of the things I will always love about traditional scrapbooking;

You just don't get this kind of dimension in digital scrapbooking. . . Now you can always do the layout and place the embelishments on at home and I'm going to try this next, but then the price (which is the other case made for digital/traditional scrapbooking) goes way up and I'm not sure the value is there. . . You'll have to take this journey with me to see what I decide. Hope you'll stay tuned!