Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Arrived - Snow Babies!

I just love my little snowmen! I found a tutorial here!
I bought the socks at the dollar spot at Target and cleaned out 2 stores to get them! It's hard to see that they have "snow" glitter on them, but it adds a nice touch in real life! Stop by to visit this holiday season and one of these precious babies is sure to be yours!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Just Love a Holiday!

When ever do I get an entire day to just play? Made this to go with Merry Christmas. Not sure I like it as well, but while I had the mess out I decided to give it a try. I was still thinking of one more, HO, Ho, Ho. . . Merry Christmas in the same format, but we'll see. I still have 36 snowman ornaments that I've started and need to finish! Just finished watching The Lake House while I worked. . . wonder what other flick might inspire me today!

First Design Team Assignment

I don't think I ever mentioned that I was asked to be on a Design Team. Being invited was quite a surprise, but I'm looking forward to the monthly challenges! This month's challenge was due today (Black Friday) and of course I didn't get it done until the very last minute! The challenge was to make a gift using my assigned product line (CTMH) dimensionally. So, here it is! I bought the frames at Wal-Mart last year after Kari made some cute little Christmas plaques with them. So, here it is! Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our Family to yours!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Twas The Night Before Turkey

And my turkey's are at it again! Today we were shopping for one last Christmas dress so we can get our family photos for the year (well, maybe 3 years) and in time for our Christmas cards! Mikensee is at an age where she's not a little girl, but not a junior and dresses are hard to come by! Needless to say we found ourselves in stores 2 days before Black Friday and all adorned for the holidays. The twins were mesmerized by all the darling baby apparel and were not content with the fact that these adorable Santa suits, in miniature, complete with fur collars were not sized for them! Everywhere we went and everywhere we looked there were Santa red and elf green outfits in every size, but 5T. I guess that by that size clothing manufacturers assume a maturity above this desire, but they don't know W & W. The conversation went something like this:

"Momma, I want one Merry Christmas, ho,ho, ho."
"Please Momma, please? I used manners."
"Sorry guys, those are for babies and you are big boys."
"Momma, we're not big, we're small. See?!!??"
"I'm little. Just this one, momma, it's pretty, see, Merry Christmas, momma, momma. I'm little."
"These are made for babies, guys. Sorry. . . oh! Look here! Do you like this?"

At this point I spy a clearance rack and on it are some fairly bright, Christmas looking PJ's. Wyatt and Walker are beside themselves! No 5T's, but as soon as I have one remotely close (4T) they are off to the dressing room where they strip and try on the festive apparel. Needless to say, this is what we bought! At $9 they were a quasi bargain. . . Still, I get sucked into the darndest purchases! I don't think a mommy out there could say no to these little turkeys!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

M is for Making Memory Photo Cube

I promised I would do better about posting and since I'm not ready to post something new, I'll return to my ABC's of Blogging. . . I believe we were on M. So. . . This is a Large Making Memory Photo Cube (my small ones are the ones being published). I made this one for my mom. It was fun and she loved it. I filled it with homemade caramels.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

(Ho)3 Card Class

November Card Class was a hit! Here are the 6 projects we completed last night! We had a little Christmas Party to kick off the season right! Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

Cute Little Tic Tac Holder - This was a hit! Perfect Little Snowman from this month's Stamp of the Month!

Stamplifted from Tresa Black published in this month's Paper Crafts Magazine. I had a whole slew of this red paper and it was a perfect match to copy her card!

Vintage Criss Cross Card. I just love this one! Aged with Tim Holtz Antique Photo Ink. . . just love this look!

Joy! I just had fun using little embellishments on this one!

Cute little paper sack card with yummy apple cider slider and message tab!

More than a card, less than gift. . . this cute idea offers gift tags for the receiver to use, but still leaves the card for the receiver to keep!

The Return of the Lost Blogger!

I should have taken a really clever picture to post here, but instead you just get this list!

10 Reasons I have not blogged in almost a month

10. 227 items on my to do list that in the last 10 minutes has climbed to 229
9. Uh, got nothing.
8. Got nothing.
1. I slaughtered my ankle and have been in so much pain that all of my creativity has been drained from my tiny, tired brain!

Okay, so now that's out of the way, the lost blogger has reuturned!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fire Chiefs, Policemen, Beauty Queens and Ballerinas

Must be Halloween! Here's my troop all dolled up for Halloween.

I have to say that I DID NOT want to buy the Fireman and Policeman Costumes. I wanted the boys to be a pair of fuzzy dice. They each picked their own costume (which I was sure would be a fight. . . you see, they always pick something different, but then when we get home, they both fight over 1 or the other and it's melt down mode for weeks afterwards, so needless to say I was NOT up to the fight!) The costumes didn't even look cute in the store, but I decided they were old enough not to be what I wanted to be, so I gave in. The second the twins put their costumes on I changed my toon. The $20 each costume cost was the best $20 bucks ever spent on a costume. These little men were instantly transformed and carried off their "costumes" like you've never seen! Wyatt saluted everyone at every house we visited. Walker just said, "Can I help you Ma'am?" Of Course Mikensee is always a pageant princess and well, have you ever seen a more graceful ballerina?