Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Makings of a Young Women Handout

I am often asked where I come up with the ideas 
for my Young Women handouts.  
While I do LOVE making them 
and I LOVE when they turn out better than I had envisioned, 
I don't know that I truly have a secret for coming up with the idea.

Usually, I start with the lesson. 
 All of my lessons are found at  
This year we are on Manual 3.  
I usually figure out what part of the lesson I want the girls to remember 
and then I locate a thought, quote or scripture that enforces that lesson.

For Easter I knew I wanted to focus on the YW Values 
and so I went hunting for Easter candy.   
I bought oodles of jelly beans in YW Value colors 
(no such thing as gold jelly beans- hence the golden-Carmel filled egg) 
and I also knew I wanted to use the Lamb to represent the Lamb of God.

Later I thought about what I wanted them to think about who they are
 in relationship to the message of Easter. . .I wrote this:
This Easter place your values where your mouth is!  
Stand as a witness of God at all times 
and in all things and in all places 
as you bear witness of the divine mission of the Lamb of God.  
Be thou an example of the believers. 
 (All paraphrased from the YW Theme, YW Values and 1 Timothy 4:12)

I already had these Wilton disposable icing tubes which are
already ideally shaped for Easter!

I composed my text into the shape of the "carrot" and placed
it on this Cyrstal Wilkerson Houndstooth  digital paper.

Then I made the Happy Easter tag!  
I used CTMH Splendor paper and some 
miscellaneous CTMH Stamps.

Some green ribbon for the carrot -

all with a little help from my Freckle-Faced Strawberry
and there's the magic!