Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cards for Connor

I've got a notebook here full of things to post and share with you, but life just gets busier and busier and then in comes a story like this. Connor's blog will just give you strength. You can find it here. Kathy is a great friend and her husband is a bike rider who likes to ride his bike cross country for fun. . . you can read more about that here. The team and Project Life info can be found here. All of those links prompted me to do this:

(if you'd like to read this, you can click on the photo to see it in full view.)

And here's how you can help! Please share my post by posting a link to your blog or by emailing me at for a copy you can email to all your friends. . . share this on facebook, twitter or anywhere else you feel inspired. I realize not everyone can come to class, but any donations will go a long way towards achieving the $10000 my friends have pledged to collect.

Thanks for being you and for letting me share this with you!