Friday, December 28, 2007

Design Team Challenge #2

Before Christmas I promised the results of my design challenge number 2:

This assignment was to use stamping, make something masculine and use the color pink. I'm not sure I nailed the masculine, but this is my hubby's Valentine's card:





On another note I was the lucky recipient of a wide screen computer monitor for Christmas (thanks Mom!) BUT. . . my blog looks terrible. . . The photos are horrible and the colors are WAY OFF!!! On my little 14" monitor (which I could barely squint and see) everything looked great! Soooooo, my apologies for the bad photo editing and I'll try to do better!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the 12th Day of Christmas

Merry Christmas Glass Pebble Magnet Tin

So I did this quick and if I were really doing it to give away I would have taken a bit more time and dolled it up just a bit more. Additionally, my rub-ons didn't want to rub on and I'm not sure why, so I should have cleaned them off and used white Staz-On and stamped something, but I SHOULD be wrapping presents or sleeping. . . ha, ha, ha.

I also didn't have any really clear pebbles. You can find them much clearer than the one I had in my craft cupboard. Other ideas would be LOVE YOU with some hearts, the receiver's name. . .Tic, Tac, Toe pieces, etc.

So How do you make it?

I hope you'll try one and post back so I can see. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that you enjoye my 12 Days of Christmas. It didn't turn out exaclty as I had hoped and there unfinished projects I can't wait to still do! I'll try and transpose them to Valentine's Day or Easter. . . or there is always next year, which is only 367 days away!

P.S. Everyone who has posted on my 12 Days Projects will be entered to win a little blog candy. You have until January 31st to post. Winner will be notified if they have a blog profile with email or blog links OR an email address/blog/web-site in their post! Good Luck and again, MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you and yours be blessed with the spirit of love this Christmas.

P.S. a couple of details.

To see any photo in my blog LARGER, just click on the image. This may be especially helpful for the magnet tin post with the instructions on the photo.

ALSO, regarding the blog candy. . . I will be randomly selecting a number between 1-12 and that will be the post I select the winner from. Once the number is selected from 1-12 I will randomly draw from the number of posters on that subject. Clear as mud? You can effectively enter 12 times, but you don't have to. Good Luck!

P.S. The blog candy includes one of my projects from the 12 days of Christmas and a Marvy Scalloped Circle Punch. . . I may find a few carmels hanging around too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the 11th Day Of Christmas

Neatly Wrapped Christmas Carmels:

Obviously not as much paper craft as kitchen craft, but I did stamp the tags and use ribbon! LOL! Not the project I had planned for today, but I forgot a design team assignment that was due (gulp) yesterday! As a result my stamping time today was used for that project which I will post AFTER CHRISTMAS as it involves a lot of pink and hearts. . . yup, Valentine's Day!

I promised my Carmel Recipe and here it is. I think I made 20 pounds this year! No joke! I made 2 pans a day for 7 days and I have 5 pieces left. I'm going to have to make another pan for my family or they may never wrap carmels again!

Soft Carmels:

1 C Butter
1 C White Sugar
1 C Brown Sugar
1 C Karo Syrup
1 C Sweetened Condensed Milk
Nuts (optional)

Put all ingredients in HEAVY sauce pan and stir over medium low heat for DAYS! Just kidding. . . It takes about 20 minutes per pan. DO NOT DOUBLE. Once your mixture is boiling and bubbly and smelling really, really good, you put in your candy thermometer. Cook to 238' for soft carmels, 240' for chewy carmels and 242-245 if you prefer carmels you can suck on for days. Add vanilla and stir like crazy while you pour in a butter flavor crisco greased glass pan of either 8X8 or 9X13 size. If you are adding nuts do it with the vanilla. Allow to cool at room temperature for a while. You may then refrigerate or put outside in the snow if you are lucky enough to have snow. At room temperature cut and wrap in waxed paper.

So here's a few more pictures of the carmels we'll be dolling out tomorrow! Betting you wished you lived closer!!!

Busy Day . . . Cookies for Santa

So actually, we baked the cookies yesterday and decorated today. The kids had a really good time. Like with coloring, Wyatt had a much longer attention span, but they all did great and didn't stop until the last cookie was iced. They each picked one and we put them on Santa's cookie plate, wrapped it with saran wrap and left it for the all important Christmas Eve run!

Here's a few of my favorite pics of the cookie extravaganza!

My Baby Lost a Tooth!

Say it isn't so!!! My baby (by 10 minutes), Walker, only 4 years old, lost his first baby tooth today and to make matters worse we can't even find it!!!

A month or so ago, the twins had their first dental appointment. . . no cavities, but they dentist was surprised that several of their baby teeth were already loose. Keep in mind they are PREEMIE twins, so effectively they would have only just been 4 in October! Needless to say, 2 days after their check up, Wyatt bounced up as Walker bounced down and bam, he almost knocked 3 of his teeth out. The top left front tooth was completely pointing to his throat. . . I took no photos of this. Our dentist checked him out a few days later and then about 2 weeks later he still had loose teeth. The dentist kindly filed down the teeth so that they didn't bump anymore and the top tooth set, but apparently the bottom one did not!

Here is my goof with his toothless grin. Initially he was lisping, but he's over it now!

Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 10th Day of Christmas

Joy Wall Hanging

So I'm cheating. I made this last year, but I found it on my computer and I'm taking the easy way out. With all the tutorials I've posted on covering coasters and chipboard you should get the idea! I used embossing on the JOY and inked the edges with gold metalic paint. The circles are tied together with ribbon. I made MANY last year and gave them all away! I didn't even keep one for myself!

I'm So Excited!

Kari, this post is for you (and for me so I don't forget!) I found out how to turn my blog into a book! For those of you who may think this vain, for me it is part of who I am and I want to leave it, the good, the bad and the ugly with my family when I am no longer walking with them. . .

So . . . HERE IT IS!!


and thanks to Atalie and her friend Cara for the lead!

On the 9th Day of Christmas

A Chipboard Mini Desk Frame

Don't laugh at the photo's I used. . . These are from Christmas 2004 and we didn't use digital yet... I wanted Christmas pictures for this project and they were the first set I came across. Poor pathetic photos of Christmas that year! Let me just say that I am SO THANKFUL for digital!!!

You will need: Chipboard squares/circles or whatever with centers you can use to put pictures in, some photos that will fit in the frames once cropped, adhesive, paper, scissors, a sanding block is helpful, some small embellishments and that's it!

This is an example of what the CTMH ones I used look like:

First you will cover all of your chipboard frames with paper. You will do this in these 3 steps:

Then, to simply the cropping process, put adhesive on the back of your now covered frames and place it on the photo like so:

If you are going to attach any ribbon or embellishments to the frame, do it BEFORE you adhere the frame to your photo. Once adhered, trim to fit! It's easier to cut from the front, even though your inclination is to turn it over and trim from the back.
For both the rough edges on paper cuts and the photo, a little sanding and ink will hide imperfections and add dimension as well!

Score 2 of the covered frames in the middle and fold for the "stand" and adhere like this:

Assemble and Embellish! This is a close-up to show the glitter I put on all of the holly berries. I initially stapled my frames together but didn't like it so I stitched with waxed linen instead!

While I made this a Christmas set, you could do Baby, Mother's Day or any other theme. I plan on using this as a page embellishment once I'm done with it sitting on my desk!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Best Christmas Ever

This is likely to be a long post and you don't have to feel like you have to read this, it's mostly for me and journaling aspect of my blog, but it's here and public, so if you'd like to, read on!
So how could I have the best Christmas ever when it there are still 4 days left before Christmas? As the Grinch once said "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more."

I believe in Christ and I believe that Christ is in Christmas. Without Him, what exactly would be the point? Yet Christ in Christmas is elusive at best--usually anyway--during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I mean, we always put up our nativities, read stories of Him and about him. I always plan our family home evening lessons to focus on the symbols and meanings in Christmas. We have our traditional Christmas Eve reading of the Christmas stories in John and Luke, but this year I wanted Christmas to mean just a little bit more.

It started for me back in late October. I was asked in addition to my regular church calling responsibilities to put together our church Christmas party. It was to be December 7th. I looked at the calendar and I had 5 weeks to pull it off. I started planning, praying and calling a committee for I was going to need back up!
I immediately knew that I didn't want our party to be about Santa, but I also wanted it to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. I decided we needed a program. I also decided that our focus should be on reason for the season and decided on a theme of
celebrating through service. So, for the next 4 weeks, I begged and pleaded for some people to help with the program and we had weekly practices in my home including a couple of practices for a children's choir. I planned and shopped for food to feed 250 complete with decorations for the cultural hall on a budget of $600.
It was hard. People didn't always come through. I was frustrated and disappointed. The night of the party it rained and not only did it rain in reality, it was raining in my heart. People came, the cultural hall was decorated and the activities we planned came to life. I felt like a failure. Half of my committee sort of backed out. Kids began tearing into the coloring contest before it was announced and there didn't end up being enough pictures for all the kids to color (as many took more than one) and on top of that they didn't wait and take the pages intended for their particular age group, which was going to make judging a whole lot more difficult. We announced and asked that people keep their families together. . . they didn't. We had a food drive for the West Valley Food Bank and somehow few noticed this important detail on the flyers or the post card we had mailed inviting each family. My 5 huge boxes wrapped for the food bank were mostly empty. I set the lighting for "mood" and was asked to turn the lights on so everyone could see. About half way through the evening parents and children began dismantling the decorations (cellophane wrapped balloons designed to look like candy.)
The door prize drawings which were attended for adults had been raided by children and there were many, many tickets with kids names on them. We announced the winners and several children won the door prizes (intended for adults). We had prizes for the coloring contest for the kids -- or so was my intent. Few people participated in our gift of service activity, designed so that each family could wrap a gift of service they would plan and carry out between the 7th and Christmas day. We had 50 boxes and most were still left at the end of the evening. My heart continued to sink. We started the program, but I messed up the lighting because we had changed th setting to accommodate the previous lights on request. My choir (unbeknownst to me) couldn't see their music. Parents and children continued to play with and unwrap cellophane during the program. By the end, less than half of the audience remained. I was devastated. I felt even more like a failure. I felt horrible for the efforts of the choir and shepherds for the lack of respect shown by the member's of our ward. I wanted to cry and in fact did come home and cry for about 3 days. I whined and complained to my family and everyone that would listen. I told about everything that had gone wrong. THEN, it hit me. There was an awful lot that went right too, but I was so obsessed with how great everything was, that I had missed it. I had 10 kids sing in the children's choir. They sang beautifully and they loved it. The gym, looked great and even though there were comments about why it didn't look more "traditional", with our budget and resources it really looked nice. (As a side note, I hope the person who commented on having more trees and a traditional theme gets to do the party next year -tee hee.) People came. We had ample amounts of food and people pitched in in spite of those who let me down. The clean up went great and there were plenty of hands for helping. I still took a 50 pound box of food to the food bank. AND, many people told me that it was the best ward Christmas party ever and those who sang in the choir were very, very thankful for the opportunity and experience they had in doing it. My perspective changed and I was finally thankful for the party, for the experience and for all those who did pitch in, help out, perform and participate. I just lost sight of it through the ones who didn't. I was looking at it all wrong.

I kept praying for the "Christ in Christmas," that I always hope to find each year. I kept thinking about how I could serve the Savior this year and make it truly meaningful. I didn't want to decorate the house. So much work! I was so behind from the party that I just felt I would never catch up and decorating seemed like a burden. I made myself do it. The kids and I put on music throughout the house and went to work. It was magical and my mood was transformed.

I kept praying and then our Secret Santa appeared.

I kept praying and started our Nativity Secret Santa mission.

I kept praying and when I started opening the boxes of stuff I ordered for Christmas back in October (sitting out in my garage since then) the order was wrong. I had some cowboy boots, some boys army looking PJ's, a toiletry set and some other miscellaneous stuff. I checked and double checked the packing slip and nope, the company had just completely screwed up. I called them and they told me I should have opened the package and confirmed its contents then and I could ship the stuff back and re-order the missing items from my boxes. Instead I decided to go to the angel trees and match the stuff up with tags from the trees. No luck. . . so I went shopping for the tags I found with age ranges to fit the stuff and added the loot from my messed up order to the stuff they had on their wish list and went on my way. The value of the stuff they sent me, btw, was GREATER than the stuff I ordered.

While I was out shopping I really made an effort to wish people a Merry Christmas. Some people ignored me, but really, the clerks seemed happy and surprised. I got lots of Merry Christmas to you back and people started to smile. I felt happy and my heart felt full.

It was midnight and I was in line at Wal-Mart (AGAIN!!!) behind a man buying $2500 in gift certificates. The clerk warned me it would take a while and I said no problem and smiled. I jokingly asked the man what I had to do to get on his Christmas card list. . . we talked, the clerk, the man and I. The time passed. He left. After I had checked out, the clerk handed me a $25 gift card from the man and said that he left for me and asked her to wish me a Merry Christmas. I was shocked and over joyed. I started thinking of a family in our ward that I could give it to, but something just didn't set right with the idea.

Today on the news they featured a family of 5 kids who were living in their broken down suburban at a truck stop. The husband had lost his job a couple of months back and they were evicted. The kids had stayed with her parents for a few weeks, but it didn't work out (WHAT??!!??) The kids, ages 9,7,5,3 and baby were playing with each other contentedly in the background of the video clip. They continued their interview. She had gotten a job at Cracker Barrel (the interviewer asked her where and she gave the location. . . very strange, don't you think?) She seemed nervous and humble. She talked of how greatful they were to be together. She was grateful for her job which had allowed them to pay for a room for a night here and there to clean up and be warm. Her husband finally got a job at Wal-Mart at night. She contacted the police and asked them to check on her and the kids at night because she was afraid. The police collected from their department enough money to pay for a hotel room through the end of December. I knew immediately the $25 gift card was being delivered to the waitress at Cracker Barrel on the other side of town. I had $20 in my wallet. Our Christmas (which we shouldn't have been purchasing) is on credit, but we have a roof over our heads, food to eat and I know my family wouldn't let my kids sleep in a car inspite of personal feelings or differences. We drove to Cracker Barrell. I honestly felt that I would get there and find that many people would do the same thing, but I could tell by the confused look on the face of the seating hostess and the reaction of the manager that this was not the case. I left the $45 and told the manager to wish her a Merry Christmas. He came back out to me and asked if I would like to leave my name/phone number. I said no. The kids were hard to drag out of the store. The mother came out and was working and chatting with co-workers. You could just tell she was happy and you could also tell that her co-workers weren't aware of her welfare. I felt really blessed and I really felt Christ in my Christmas.

Christmas is officially 4 days away, but I couldn't have had a better Christmas. Christ is the center of my life and I truly feel blessed to know that He lives. To know that I can be an instument in his hands and that He is aware of us - individuall, personally aware. Happiness is a perspective. It depends on how you look at things. I'm also thankful for the gift of service for truly "doing good is a treasure, a joy beyond measure, a blessing of duty and love."

I'm not editing what I have written. I'm not checking my spelling or grammar. I want my thoughts to be just as I've written them.

Merry Christmas!

On the 8th Day of Christmas

Treat Pails! Stampendous makes these adorable clear pails. They come in 2 sizes, but I prefer these pint size. Jen carries them at J4FUNand they aren't expensive at all!

This wasn't a project I had planned, but my CTMH Secret Sister (you know who you are!) sent me the Queen and Company Felt self-adhesive ribbon (which I've secretly wanted, but haven't splurged on!) The second I saw it and the star pattern I knew I had to make treat pails to hold my homemade carmels and truffles. The truffles I make are the really easy Kraft Recipe ones. The carmels I make are to die for! The recipe will be posted on my blog, but not tonight! I made the topper with scraps left over from other holiday projects and the cute Paper Trey Ink Stamp set called Holiday Treats. So, if you're looking for a cute way to package your holiday goodies this month (or any other small gift too) this is a fast, simple project that you can make too!

I ran out of family photos for my Christmas cards and since I posted my letter, here is the other photo too! (Actually this isn't our FAMILY photo, since my DH Mike is missing, but I didn't get one scanned and now they are all gone!)

Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

I find myself in sheer amazement that another year has past us by. I just love the holidays and even though my children can’t wait for the actual DAY of Christmas, I sure enjoy the “getting ready for” much more than the actual day. This year has been full as they all tend to be. We enjoyed another year in our home in Estrella Mountain. We love our views and love having the acre for the kids to play on. We spent our fair share of this year in the pool and the kids swam until way past when it was too cold for me!

I took up blogging in the spring. It combines my two loves, paper crafting and my family. I decided against a real estate blog (although I do love real estate) as blogging is therapeutic for me and I don’t want it to be work! Besides, who would want me to write my opinions on real estate anyway??!!?? If you want my opinion, you know I’m always here to ask! My blog, should you care to read it is I also dabbled in genealogy this year. I traced both Mike’s family tree and my family tree on all lines at least 4 generations (so all the way to the kids’ 4th great grandparents!) Some lines are back to the 1700’s. . . WOW!!! I taught water aerobics over the summer and enjoyed walk aerobics all year with the kids. . . Walker just loves the fact the instructor says “Walk or Jog,” and he just know she’s talking to him (Walker, Jog!) It’s a kick. Of course Wyatt wants to know why she doesn’t tell him to jog, but he’s such a joy boy, he doesn’t really care.

Real estate has kept me busy and although I’ve worked a lot, it hasn’t been extremely profitable this year . . . have to take the good with the bad. At least my clients know that I put their best interests in front of my personal income. Hopefully that will keep them loyal and their referrals still coming my way. I do still enjoy it and just love it when my clients get to move into a new home they love or just move-on to wherever their lives are headed! Mike has had a tough career year as well. His mid-life has brought him to wanting to focus more on his family. As a result he has given up his management position for sales. It’s been a rough transition, but I admire him for making the decision and sticking to it. I know that this year he’ll get back on track and find the balance he’s looking for.

Mikensee is almost 11 going on 16. She’s already in demand for babysitting and is doing very well in her studies. She is excelling in music and just loves the piano. She is developing quite a singing voice as well. She was disappointed that her dance instructor quit after the summer, so we’re still deciding on another activity for her. She keeps busy with her brothers and sister, school, achievement days and her friends. She’s also taking to actual typing and last she reported was about 22 WPM, so doing well! She excels in math and just whizzes through her assignments.

Jessica is still flashing her award winning smile and entertaining anyone who will watch. She too lost her dance teacher but started piano in the fall and has already progressed through 1 level. She doesn’t like to practice (or so she says), but she is a natural and just gets rhythm. She has almost no teeth presently, so I wish all she wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth, but instead she wrote a list to Santa of about 30 items. It took 2 pages, single spaced. I’m not kidding! Unfortunately she asked mostly for stuff she can’t have like a phone, a tv for her room, a van so she can drive herself anywhere she wants to go, a horse . . . you can just imagine the rest! She is very good at reading, phonics and spelling.

Wyatt and Walker are growing up! They turned 4 in August and are busy all the time. Recently they started their bedroom on fire by throwing Spiderman underwear in their ceiling fan light. I caught it while still contained to the light, but the only thing left of the underwear was part of the elastic band! There s never a dull moment! We enjoyed a trip to the Grand Canyon by railway to celebrate their birthday (and Jessica’s too!) They loved Laguna Beach this year and had a ball on Julie’s boogie boards. Being so tiny and unafraid, they were quite a hit! Wyatt is still our joy boy and Walker (Walkie-Talkie) starts talking right out of bed in the morning and doesn’t stop. Wyatt is a colorer. I’ve never seen a child with the patience to color as he has. He never goes outside of the lines; it’s crazy to watch him! Their antics are a hot topic on my blog, so feel free to read and chuckle.

Well, I’ve typed this as tiny as possible to fit on one page and its margin to margin! Hope I didn’t bore you and from our family to yours, may you have a blessed year and a very Merry Christmas! With Love, Rachele and Family

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nativity Secret Santa

This is the Willow Tree Nativity and has been a long time favorite of mine, although I'm yet to own one piece! Someday I'd like to have it. I posted the other day about our Secret Santa (which we are still amazed by and enjoying! Love the rusty metal ornaments and the reindeer craft, in case you are reading! So Mikensee wanted to do one herself but she has $20 to her name, so I told her it might be tough. . . then I read a story about a woman who received a nativity set piece by piece only to find that Baby Jesus was a wrapped gift given to her by a friend early in the season and had been placed under the tree and forgotten. . . well, anyway, I was at Wal-Mart and found a Nativity already marked down, so I bought it. The kids and I prayed and picked a family and we are now delivering their nativity over today and the next 5 days. This is the poem we are using and I made simple tags to attach to each gift. It goes like this:

Day 1: In Bethlehem one special day, a couple sought a place to stay. The inns were full, there was no space. They could not find a resting place. . .
(We delivered the Stable/Creche tonight.)
Day 2: A kind inkeeper smiled and said his stable could be used instead. The stable creatures all felt blessed. Tonight they had a special guest. The little lambs so soft and white watched quietly that special night. (We will deliver the animals. . . a sheep, donkey and cow.)
Day 3: The woman Mary soon gave birth, she brough God's son into the earth. Shepherds on a lonely hill, saw a sight that made them still. Angels came to share great joy, announcing Mary's baby boy. (We will deliver Mary and Joseph, although the angel would go here too, but our set has the angel on the creche.)
Day 4: "The world now has a newborn King." "Go worship him!" They heard them sing. The Angels told where Jesus lay. A shining star would guide their way. (We will deliver the Shepherds.)
Day 5: And in the East a shining star, led three wise men from afar. The wisemen each brought gifts to share. They honor Jesus with a prayer. (We will deliver the wisemen.)
Day 6 - Christmas: Today we celebrate that night, when God's love brought new world new light. (We will deliver baby Jesus.)

This could be broken up into 24/25 lines and the set divided further. . . or you could do it in 12 (although our set has 13 pieces.) Either way, or anyway, I think its going to be great fun for the family receiving it and we are paying it forward from our Secret Santa!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Secret Santa,

For the past 5 days my family has been on the receiving end of a Secret Santa's giving. We have received a Gingerbread Train Kit (the first night), little wooden toys, some tiny ornaments in tubes that looked so yummy and are now proudly displayed on my mini trees, cereal bowls with cereal bars for my kids (which saved me from having to make breafast this morning) and some cute ornament tins with tootsie rolls in them. It really hasn't been about the gifts for me (although my kids are unashamedly thrilled), but about the thought and care and just plain old amazement that I have for someone to be so thoughtful and kind to me. It is really easy for me to give and serve and I really love doing both, I'm just not often the one served. It's been really good for me to feel how I feel and see it from this end so that I know when I do a little something here or there that the person on the other end does care and does find joy in receiving. So, if my secret Santa is reading, just know that I really needed you and that we are having a ball! I don't know how you are doing it either because starting at about 6PM my kids check the door constantly, but every night it's been like a little miracle. We shut the door and they open it again only to find that you've arrived! I will admit that at first I thought it was a one time deal, but after the 2nd night, my kids just knew it wasn't a coincidence. We don't want to catch you, but hope you are having as much fun giving as we are receiving!

Lots of Love, Rachele and the Funky Five

P.S. Here is our Saturday Morning Art Project. Didn't it turn out great??!!??

On The 7th Day of Christmas

Wall Hanging Card Holder/Future Scrapbook Page to Hold Whatever Christmas Thingy!

Okay, so I really should have official titles for this stuff, but as I was creating, I really did think that I can use it for a scrapbook page and put my favorite Christmas pictures and maybe the kids' letters to Santa. . . or maybe all of the cute little wallet and family photos that I receive in my Christmas cards this year. Either way it was fun to make and would be a great gift too!

I didn't do an official tutorial for this project, but I'm happy to answer any questions if you have any after you look at it! It essentially has 3 pockets and a ribbon tie so it can be hung up for display. Ideal to stick Christmas Cards in as they stuff your mailbox!

As a side note, I realize that I actually skipped a day in my 12 days, but I promise I won't short you on the projects nor will you be disappointed with the little goodies I still have coming your way. This will be done before Santa arrives at your house with his reindeer pulled sleigh! So if you're still looking for last minute gifts you can make (or keep) stay tuned!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the 6th Day Of Christmas

Coaster and Chipboard Christmas Wreath

This is one of the FIRST projects I wanted to do when I decided to do this 12 Days of Christmas Gifts and Goodies. So it's only day 6 and it's finally real! I'm really happy with how this turned out and hope you enjoy it too!

Okay, so this is what you need (my photo of this stinks, so you just get this list!)

1. Coasters (from Just4FunCrafts) Click here This is one of the Design Teams I'm on, and Jen rocks, so give her some love! (I used 3.5 and 4" sizes)
2. Coordinating Paper Pack. I used Blitzen from Basic Grey
3. Rub-Ons and Embellishments, mine are from Just4FunCrafts.
4. Adhesive - I used Scotch Quick Dry Tacky from J4F
5. Chipboard Circles in varying sizes. Both of mine are from CTMH Basic Shapes which you can get on my site here
6. Scissors, Ruler, Paper Trimmer, Sanding Block and Optional Ink for the edges

1st decide on the size of wreath you want. Mine is 16" high. Draw a circle template on a scratch pad for your guide. I used a large platter for mine.

2nd Like on the jiffy pop tutorial you will want to cut squares of paper to cover the circles. Trim off the excess and sand the rough edges. Ink the edges if desired. A 4" circle coaster needs a 4" square of paper.

3rd Starting with your largest circles, lie them on your circle drawing and adhere your second largest circles to them, continue layering until you reach the top. Embellish as desired. For added stability I cut scrap chipboard and glued rectangles to attach the largest circles together with a bridge!

Friday, December 14, 2007

On the 5th Day of Christmas

This may or may not be my official 5th Day of Christmas Post, but seeing as I believe my 6 year old has an ear infection and the twins have a birthday party at Bounce U for their friend Chloe at 5 and Mike and I have an adult Christmas Party scheduled for 6:30, this may be all I can swing today. I still have some good projects lined up and may have to extend my 12 days to 15 days to cover them all, but we'll see!

So. . . here's an easy one for you! Random Stamped Gift Paper. This is actually brown butcher paper. I whipped these up last night for the gift exchange portion of our party this evening.

On the 4th Day of Christmas

Jiffy Pop Door Hanger/Mock Ornament Gift Thingy

Okay, so I don't have an official title. It is a thingy and it is made with Jiffy Pop, so can I leave it at that? A few years back I hunted high and low for these to make for Halloween gifts. They cost me like $2.25 each! I found these at the $1 Spot at Target the same day I found the baby socks (from my snow babies.) Anyway, I knew they would make adorable "mock" ornaments for Christmas gifts! I suppose you could hang it on your tree given its sturdy enough! So here's the 411 as my 10 year old would say!

1. You need this:

2. You must lift the rim and remove the ring.

3. Make a circle to cover and fit in the popcorn. I leave the original packaging intact so that one could actually use the popcorn. You could use the label as your template if you prefer to skip this step, but unless your receiver is at least 35 years old, they probably don't even know what Jiffy Pop is, let alone how to use it! LOL!!!

4. Cover the circle with adornments of your choice, adhere to your circle template. I keep them rectangular for simplicity. Turn it over and trim to fit your circle template.

5. Finish with your final embelishments and there you have it!

I hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial. If you are enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas, can you post a comment or two? Just like to know if I'm making you happy!