Friday, April 18, 2008

Take Two!

That's what you get with identical twins! So here we are a month later and guess where I spent my day? You guessed it! Wyatt had his tonsils and adenoids taken out today.
So much for my plans to wait until after summer. At Walker's surgical check up last week, Dr. S looked in Wyatt's throat and made us the appointment for today. FORTUNATELY after my last experience things were much improved. Maybe they actually read my survey and took drastic improvement measures. Perhaps we just had better luck. Maybe I wasn't so nervous (nope, that isn't it!) Or, we just had a completely different team. In any case, things went much better. Wyatt was so stinking cute. His surgery was later in the day and he just kept asking, "Okay, can I have my french fry's now?" I promised he could have french fry's after the surgery if he still wanted them. The poor kid was starving! No stickers today either. . . Wyatt got dinosaurs! They even gave us some to take home to Walker.

He woke up quickly from anesthesia and freaked! The Anesthesiologist quickly gave him some pain med. . . unfortunately he then went to the nurses, still freaked and they gave him a second dose. We had to wait in recovery a while longer (which might have aided the more relaxed tone of today's events) to make sure he was okay from the double dose of pain killer, but after the intial sobbing he fell into a deep sleep and slept until we got through the pharmacy and almost done getting gas. . . he was ready for McDonald's! He didn't wolf it down and only ate a few bites, but bless his heart, he got his fry's!

We were once again warned that the worst is yet to come. . . been there done that! Bring it on!!!

Color Combo Challenge 1

If you are a paper crafter (or into paper craft blogs) at all, you are familiar with the proverbial color combo challenges. . . well have I got one for you! Today's color combo challenge is courtesy of my DD, Jessica. Jessica thinks if her shirt has something pink in it and she wears all pink; she matches (this theory is also displayed in the photo below.) She frequently asks me if her outfit choice coordinates because I have given her numerous lessons on how to pick outfits and that matching isn't the goal, coordinating is! If Jessica had her way today, this is what she would have worn and thus the color challenge. . .

Oh Jessica, this is one big Color Combo Challenge!

I did it!

I made my blog signature!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking a Trip . . .

Tonight I was looking at some stamps. . . Particularly this one:

Don't you just love her?

I was trying to explain to Mikensee why I like this stamp so much (and actually all the stamps by this artist) and it hit me. . . Vintage Holly Hobby! So I started to try and show her who Holly Hobby was and the paper piecing pop art of Holly Hobby I made for my room (oh these were the coolest!). I so desperately wanted a Holly Hobby Bedroom complete with bed canopy! While I was showing her Holly Hobby I somehow turned to telling her about Strawberry Shortcake! Remember her? This is what I was lucky enough to own:

I actually had the very first issue Strawberry Shortcake doll and Blueberry Muffin (with the hard plastic hat!) Telling her about this I could actually smell them. I can still feel the plastic smooth hair and how I felt making those little strawberry shortcakes in my very own Strawberry Bake Shop! There was so much that came later but as I told her, I was 9 in '79 and by 1984 when she hit her prime I was 14 and on to bigger and better things! (Probably Punky Brewster!) So funny actually how something so simple could bring back such a flood of memories! We went from Strawberry Shortcake to Care Bears and then on to Rainbow Brite. I gave her Rainbow Brite PJ's for Christmas and she adores them, but it was fun to hunt the story of Rainbow Brite down and read it with her! (Remember Twink and Starlite?) I'm probably actually really dating myself, but I was amazed to discover that I was the first generation to actually have these really cool icons and the flood of what has come since. So, I'm going to encourage you today to spend a little time on a trip down memory lane and dig up some of your childhood joys to share with someone special in you life. I am going to bed with a smile on my face and the smell of semi-yummy plastic strawberries and blueberries wafting in the air.

My Nose is Melting

And other "W" isms keep me laughing every day.

"My Nose is Melting" is the answer Mikensee received to her inquiry as to why Walker was snorting through the dinner prayer.

"No, No, NO! I don't want to get married!" is what he was shouting as I asked him why he was dressed like pink cotton candy! This face says it all:

But what do these faces mean?

Wyatt is famous for asking "Do you want to help me eat?" This he asks when he's hungry and wants someone to make him something.

"We just kissed ourselves." Made famous by Wyatt and Walker after giving each other a love.

"Mom, come see! We found a machine!" They both exclaimed in complete amazement when our carpet cleaner was found mysteriously located in the living room.

We frequently have these comments when one or the other has exclaimed anger or displeasure with my rules: "Mom, you are my best friend." "Mom, I love you, but Wyatt don't." or "Mom, I love you, but Walker didn't." "Mom, I just love your cheeks and elbows. Don't you want some tasty neck?"

"I slept 3 times!" This they say when they come to get in bed with us and it's still dark outside. . . this because I tell them they have to sleep in their own bed for 30 minutes before they can get up - Yes, I'll use this as long as possible! It still works on Jessica!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Boy!

Have you ever looked at something so long that it just doesn't make sense anymore? It's a Boy just seems weird! It should be He's a Boy! or A Baby Boy! But "It's a Boy!" just doesn't make sense to me anymore! Maybe because I just finished these 65 invitations to my friend Dawn's Baby Shower and I've stamped 40 more for the favors which aren't done yet!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like Fish To Water

Friday Night Funk Family Fun. . . the first time that Wyatt, Walker and Jessica have ever ice-skated and they looked like pros. I tried really hard to capture the joy they all felt stepping out onto the ice, but it is really hard to skate, take pictures and see in the dark! I had no idea that our skate would be in almost pitch black, but it was. Didn't matter to the boys or Jessica though. They stepped onto the ice and skated as if they were born to do it. It was so much fun to watch Wyatt as he built up confidence speed and just grinned from ear to ear. Our little joy boy just couldn't contain himself and he never quit grinning. He discovered the cones and had a blast going through and over them. Jessica made herself a big girl friend and they were both quite enamored with each other. Jessica liked Bailey because she was a real skater (wore a skate skirt) and Bailey Jessica because she can be just so stinking sweet!!! They kids skated for 2 solid hours with one small Zamboni break and the boys were mad, mad, mad when it was time to go. At one point after the boys had been separated for a while they met back up, hugged each other and never separated again for the entire night. We shared the rink with a high school group and it was so much fun to hear them ooh and aah over how cute they were and also talk about how great they skated. Mikensee has ice-skated once before, but she didn't remember at all and wasn't fond of the high school "group" or the dark, but she is ready to go again. Several of the "pros" told us we ought to sign the boys up for hockey. . . so much talent, so little time, (so little money. . . sigh).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You Are My SuNsHINnE

I have no idea why anyone would make a headband that looks like a sunshine or a flower (especially when it's the size of a basketball), but apparently someone, somewhere, thought there might be a market for these lovely items of apparel. . . I'd just like to say "THANK YOU" to whomever, wherever it was because they really brightened my shopping trip today!

Did you catch the price tag? $6.99 Yeah, Right!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Apology

To the winners of my blog candy. I haven't forgotten, nor will I, but I just haven't gotten the packages out yet! I hope you haven't lost faith or confidence in me and just know they are coming!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Tradition is a Tradition and don't your forget it!

If you are a long time blog reader or if you've perused back through some of my posts you've no doubt seen my Conference Cinnamon Rolls or at least the recipe. Conference was this weekend and due to many circumstances beyond my control I did not get cinnamon rolls made on Friday night. I instead (thinking ahead at my busy week) bought Costco Blueberry Muffins. Usually my kids BEG, if not WAIL for me to buy them and I usually don't. Can you imagine, then, my shock when instead of being pleased with their Conference breakfast they were mad? You should have seen the absolute look of disgust of blueberry muffins and fresh strawberries on their plates where conference cinnamon rolls should be! They pouted, they complained, they were really disappointed. Lesson learned. . . a tradition is a tradition and I dare not forget it! So, here they are on Sunday morning with Cinnamon Rolls and FRESH Smoothies (instead of just OJ). I did my best to make it up to them. . .I think they appreciate it. W & W each ate 3 and then Walker complained that his tummy hurt. . . imagine!

P.S. The Strawberries and Fresh Smoothies are my get out of guilt ticket for serving a cinnamon roll sugar fest to my kids 2 days in a row 2 times a year! Try it! It works for me.