Thursday, January 31, 2008

Recipe Swap Due - Postmarked???!!??

Whew! I met the deadline! You would think a swap that was signed up for in November and not due until January 31st wouldn't be that hard to complete! I really didn't mean to wait until the last minute, but it went out on time, by the hair of my chiny, chin, chin!

This swap is a crockpot recipe swap. I have 2, almost 3 full 6X6 albums of recipes. I just love them! I hope to get all of my favorite recipes done this way, SOMEDAY! That is why I sign up for the swaps because at least they give me a deadline! Just for fun, here are some of the others I've done for swaps in the past:


Kari said...

I'm SO trying some of those recipes!!! I'd love to get all of my recipes "cuted" up for a book, too ... on my SUPER long list of things I want to create ;)

Lois Michael said...

Yummy recipes....I will have to try the relleno casserole and a few others.