Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yum E - a really good 4 letter word!

Yum. That is pretty much all I can say to describe this recipe. My kids ate 4 helpings each. . . Yep, Yum E it is.

While I was cooking Mikensee was asking what I was making. . . I told her I didn't know yet, but that I promised it would be good. When, after all, is anything I cook not good? She pretty much agrees, but still presses me.

Mikensee says, "Have you ever made it before?"

"Nope." I say.

Mikensee again, "Well then, how do you know it's going to be good?"

"Just trust me." (me again.)

"I don't really like zucchini except in bread. Do you have a recipe for this?" she says.

"You'll love it" I say, " and I don't need a recipe."

Well, I have one now! This is what it looked like then:

This is what it looked like finished.

We are a big family (by today's standards) so I cook a lot. We also like left overs since we eat at home almost 3 meals a day, 7 days a week and cooking and cleaning seems to be all we ever do. . . You may want to adjust up or down, according to how much your family eats.

Recipe for YUM E

1 12 ounce Box Farfalle (Bow-Tie) Pasta - Cooked and Drained. (I boiled it while I cooked the "stuff")
Garlic - lots
Olive Oil - enough to coat the pan
Sea Salt and Coarse Ground Pepper - I like to grind my own
Grilled chicken breast (I used 2 pounds.)
3 large zucchini (the green prolific garden variety)
Grape Tomatoes - about 1 lb, sliced in halves
Leaf Spinach- Raw, fresh, 1 Salad Size Package
1/4 Cup Flour
2/3 - 1 Cup Half and Half
Parmesan Cheese - I like fresh, but only had Kraft. It worked fine!

Grill your chicken until close to done. Slice and place in large fry pan heated with olive oil. Add chopped zucchini, garlic, salt and pepper (generously) and add grape tomatoes. Toss until chicken is cooked through and zucchini is tender. Add spinach and wilt. Sprinkle with flour and stir in half and half. Pour drained pasta into the mix and enjoy! Sprinkle or douse in Parmesan cheese just before serving according to your personal preference!

P.S. Mike is still on his diet so I cooked a second pan and just stopped at the veggies. . . no noodles or cream for him, and he still loved it. I would call this YUM, not quite YUM E, but hey, it's all good! Go ahead and try it! You know you want too! Feel like sharing my recipe? Go ahead, but please link back or give credit here! Love ya!

Oh and the 10 or so recipe cards from my class will be posted in the next day or so, so don't forget to check back! (Art and Food! What a great combination!)


Stacey said...

Well, you named this one right, cuz it looks Yum E!!! Mmmmm. I LOVE zucchini, tomatoes, garlic (LOTS) and pasta--cheese(s) too so I KNOW I'll LOVE this recipe!!! Thanks for sharing.
When I was growing up we ALWAYS had a GINORMOUS garden so my mom was always coming up with and throwing all kinds of things together---one of my all time favorites, that's SUPER easy and MY family likes has no name but this is what I do:
slice up a red onion and zucchini (or broccoli works too)--really I just eye ball it....depends on how many are eating and how hungry they are.....slice up kielbasa--I often use the turkey kind--I sautee my kielbasa first then through in the onion and garlic and finally the zucchini (or broccoli) until desired te nderness. We grate fresh parmesean cheese over top and I like to serve over, or with (depending on what the kids want) rice. It's SUPER easy, SUPER quick and yummy. I also season with Janes's Crazy Mixed Up Salt. I don't know if you have this in your area but I use it in place of salt--it's just sea salt with herbs and stuff...My guess is once you try it you won't go back to 'regular' salt. One of my friends who enjoys this recipe too puts fresh salsa on top of hers. I don't USUALLY add any oil to the pan because the kielbasa provides enough but if you felt like you needed to just a little EVOO.
Anyways............thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna give it a try. We have oodles of zucchini and yellow squash right now.--Oh! And you could use half and half (half zucchini, half yellow (or crooked neck) squash too for a little color.

Wenonah said...

Yup, that looks really good! 4 helpings for each of your kids? that's great!

Stacey sharing her recipe reminds me of our quick & easy favorite - I just slice up and sautee kielbasa sausage, onions and potatoes all together. Spice up to taste (usually just pepper as sausage has plenty of sodium) Tomatoes and squash would make a fine addition too.

stampmonkey said...

Rachele, I have spent the afternoon browsing your blog! Normally your update is sent with a TON of other ones --like 70+ in one email-- and I never have the time to weed through them all, so typically I just end up deleting the email and never look at one update. For some reason, your update came in separately today (YAY!), so I was able to easily check it out (double YAY! lol). I'm lovin' all the recipes you've shared (though I'm having some trouble trying to make out most of the recipe swaps) and all the great artwork and ideas that you have here. Thanks so much! It's been nice 'catching up' with you. ;)