Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for Haiti

Hello friends,

a blog that I follow is offering 2-$500 donations to a charity of your choice that is helping in Haiti. She is also personally donating 10 cents for every comment she receives in regards to this post. This expires FRIDAY, January 15th at NOON HER TIME! Please act quickly!


My family has prayed since the moment this tragedy occurred and we will continue to pray for this nation that could easily perish from this horrific disaster. I, like you feel the need to do something to help and have already donated, but would love to be able to add to their relief that is already on the way.

My charity of choice LDS PHILANTHROPIES. . . They are already sending hygiene kits and baby kits. You can read more about their relief efforts HERE.

If you wouldn't mind, please take a moment and comment on her post (for a 10cent donation) and put in your comments the charity of your choice for your chance to win $500 to go to help in Haiti.

Thanks for reading and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass this along!

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