Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Still At It

While it may appear that my creative gene has left the building
or that my blogging hat has been retired, I am still at it.
Wouldn't it be grand if we could truly spend each day as we desire
and not in the way that is sometimes pressed upon us.
I know we have choices and choices I do make,
but unfortunately for me, my choices these days have been limited to circumstances
that I can not control.
Control. . . there's a thought, an idea, a word I've long since had to let go of.
For those of us OCD types (yes, I am one), control is what we often seek, but never get
-- and rightfully so. Control is not what life is about -- choice is.
Which brings me right back to the beginning.
Well, lets just say that I am making them, just not necessarily the ones I would like to.
Creativity is a necessity only second to choice in my world.
I live to create and thankfully, occasionally, I am blessed with the opportunity.
Thanks to my dedicated Scrap Gals
I once again eeked out some time and put together another class.
Loosely based on the Topstich CTMH Workshop on the Go,
I better get these posted so my gals can get their photos on them. Hope you enjoy.

Fun is Fundamental - We just love the zoo. Don't these show how much fun we have?

Determination Jessica - ;} Jessica's middle name should be Determination.

Behold Wonder - Walker was lost at the zoo for a time and when we found him this is where he was. Beholding Wonder. We spent a good 30 minutes just watching in wonder at this calf (only 2 days old) and her mother. I think they were just as curious as the boys were!

Remember you can click on each photo individually to see the image larger! Until next time!


Sharli said...

You haven't lost your MOJO at all!!! But how frightening to lose Walker! Glad there was a very happy ending there. Whew. These are GREAT layouts Rachele! Your photos are terrific and the layouts are just fabulous! If these are for you class - your friends are in for a huge treat!

Karen Pedersen said...

Great layouts and I FEEL YOUR PAIN about the choices thing. But then again, if we got to create all day maybe we wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much. At least that's what I keep telling myself so I feel better. lol.

Jen said...

great job, Rachele!! i love all the layouts! I'm with you on the choices..big time. I have also been doing what i need to do and not at all what i want to do..we need some girl time thats for sure.