Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fire Chiefs, Policemen, Beauty Queens and Ballerinas

Must be Halloween! Here's my troop all dolled up for Halloween.

I have to say that I DID NOT want to buy the Fireman and Policeman Costumes. I wanted the boys to be a pair of fuzzy dice. They each picked their own costume (which I was sure would be a fight. . . you see, they always pick something different, but then when we get home, they both fight over 1 or the other and it's melt down mode for weeks afterwards, so needless to say I was NOT up to the fight!) The costumes didn't even look cute in the store, but I decided they were old enough not to be what I wanted to be, so I gave in. The second the twins put their costumes on I changed my toon. The $20 each costume cost was the best $20 bucks ever spent on a costume. These little men were instantly transformed and carried off their "costumes" like you've never seen! Wyatt saluted everyone at every house we visited. Walker just said, "Can I help you Ma'am?" Of Course Mikensee is always a pageant princess and well, have you ever seen a more graceful ballerina?


Kari said...

They are all completely adorable!! I would have gone through the EXACT thought process on the boys' costumes :) They are, however, priceless in them!!

Sunflowergal74 said...

What a great great post! Your kids are adorable! LOVE The costumes!