Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

In an effort to meet some of my personal goals, I've been working on my blogs. I will have an all new look really soon, but even before then you will find new content on some of the blog links from the right bar of this blog. I am also changing my publishing to partial articles so that you will need to click on and link to my blog for the full content. I'm doing this, not to make it hard on you, but so you can easily click the other linked blogs without having to subscribe to them.

New Blogs:

Our Story Is Here - The Funk Family Blog

Moment in Time - A Daily Photo Log

My Gratitude Blog

In addition to these I'm working on My Gallery Blog so that all of my artwork will be in one place (you can see small portions of it here and portions on my CMTH site), My Ink Boutique Classes, and a For Sale Blog listing items I am creating to sell, project kits and items from my stash that need to find a new home!

Hope you like the changes and find them to be an improvement. If you have comments, please post them here! You don't have to be a registered blogger to comment. You can post an anonymous comment, but please sign it with who you are! I'm excited about all of the changes, but can't wait for the unveiling of my blog make-over!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just watched the videos of the entertainers (all three!) and they were wonderful and funny, and touched my heart.
I don't think you could see my post - it wouldn't let me post "anonymous" and I don't have the other accounts -
Not sure if this one will work either!