Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Gift For Me

My Sweet daughter Mikensee made me a couple of great Mother's Day gifts and I just had to share!

First this altered tin stuffed with Kit Kat's. . . Yum!

Didn't she do a great jog? She's only 11 and she did this in her room completely on her own. She used her paper stash, but raided the tin and flowers from me. She only has her own white ribbon, so she colored it with her markers to match! Clever girl!

Then she made me this flower pot/pen holder. She made this with her Achievement Day leaders. Thanks KC, you know it made my day!


Elaine said...

Wow Mikensee -- I'm impressed-- you did a FAB job deary!!! :) LOVE IT!!! :) Lainey!

Anonymous said...

Mikensee, you did a great job you are so talented just like your mother. I wish I had your talent. Keep up the good work. Diane

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed! What a gift of love from Mikensee - she has your talent, and is very good at problem solving (i.e. markers to color ribbon!). I'm very impressed and I'm sure you are very proud!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed. Very nice. What a great thought for her to think to color the ribbon with markers. You have taught her well. Love it! Barbara

bellameabhn said...

awww, how sweet, mikensee! you're just as talented as your mom!
you have a scrap princess rachelle!