Sunday, December 13, 2009

Should Have Taken More Pictures!

I feel like I take TOO many photos. I go to scrapbook or make a simple photo greeting card and I never have the right photo. . . is it just me?!??! I took 58 pictures at the Fiesta of Lights Parade. I took 15 pictures of my kids on the fireplace and do you think I could make any of them look like they fit in these digital cards?!!?! I should always take MORE pictures!!!

Twigs in faces or distort the image?!?!?!
Mikensee at the parade, Kids in front of the fireplace?!?!?! Weird!
This is supposed to be a vertical photo. . . ridiculous tipped on it's side!!!
I give up! One of these will just have to do, but which one?!?!?


Jen said...

i love the first one!!

Sharli said...


I hope you're really asking for advice?? While I love the children and their beautiful faces in the last photo - the way it's tipped is very distracting. The first one is much better - even with the twigs! The middle one is good, too. Your family is so beautiful - I love that they are cooperating with you and smiling so pretty - I wish I could just hug them all!

It was great seeing you yesterday!

Jennie Dove said...

I like the first one also!

Margaret Kane Ward said...

I go with the first one as well. Hope you're doing better after your bout with laryngitis.

Rachele Funk said...

Unfortunately the first one (when full size) is truly distorted to fit the frame without blocking the faces with the limbs! I went with the second even though I liked the first better too! Maybe next year I'll get the right photo to use it!

Thanks for your votes and friendships!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog post. The kids are getting too grown up... especially Mikenzee! WOW! Nice looking family Rachele.

Love, Mel

~Wendy Tunison said...

Could you pop the photo out of the wreath on the first one? Like it would lay under the wreath on the left side and on top of the wreath on the right side? Just a thought.

On another note...I can't believe how big your kids are getting! Time just flies! You have such a beautiful family!