Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a Flower, It's a Handout, It's a Post!!!

Last night I stayed up WAY too late with a
friend and my daughter.
It was soooo late . . . er. . . I mean early. . .
she and her daughter crashed at my house!
Poola (as I fondly call Paula)
my daughter and I spent a few hours in Mesa at CKC,
but then had to come home and spend some craft time. . .
We made these paper flowers.
They were supposed to be Gardenias. . .
I'll say they are Roses. . .
I will admit that I wasn't sure they were going to turn out,
but I'm glad we stuck with it! Mikensee made the pink one.
Poola's bunch isn't here, but I know they will
remind her of night. . . I mean morning together.
Thanks Poola for making my life
sweeter and definitely more vibrant!
One of the reasons my posts these days are few is that
I spend most of my craft time each week making
handouts for my beehives.
We made a book especially for keeping them in.
(I guess I should show it to you!)
The girls love them and it brings me great joy to make
them for them.
Each one of these precious daughters of God has expressed
in some way to me, their gratitude. So much so that
I can't think of NOT making them something each week.
They are designed to remind them of the lesson,
and to show them that I love them and care for their well-being.
I make 14 cards each week. I've never posted them.
This is actually a handout for this week's lesson and next.
So I have a break.
It's a good thing because the next 2 Friday nights are
Cards for Connor
and I have to design 10 cards and prep for 40 guests!
This is actually a card that opens up,
but I'm not going to tell them that.
Next week, I'll show them the secret on the inside.
I don't know why I haven't shared any of them before, but I really
love how these turned out. I hope you like them too!
Maybe I'll share them a bit more often.

Please have a wonderful week and never, ever forget who you are
or of the divinity within you.
You mean the world to someone and to me. . .


Tiffanie said...

what an A-Mazing CARD!! Where did you get that beautiful print of the Temple..gorgeous!!! Looks like it could be the cover of a wedding book. thanks for sharing!

Sharli said...

Hi Rachele,
I am very impressed by your "morning" flowers! They are just amazing - of paper? Really? Wow.
Prima has got Nuthin' on Rachele!

I knew you must be crafting in some manner - I can't imagine you not making beautiful things. Please do share the book - this peek is very pretty - stunning actually. There is something special about black and white. The pearls, and the pretty satin ribbon . . . it all adds up.

Hugs, dear friend!

Karen Pedersen said...

Your beehives are so lucky to have you. Please share all of the beautiful cards and handouts you make them each week. I would love to see!

Anonymous said...

Awe, I love it - Poola

Stacey said...

I LOVE those paper flowers!!
How easy, or difficult, or time consuming, are they?? We're planning a party for our daughter this summer and I'm thinking if they're pretty easy.......they'd make a BEAUTIFUL, homemade decoration!!!
Please share!!!

Over The Picket Fence Designs said...

Love the beautiful flowers. Can you help to make them? Love the beautiful card too. You do amazing work.