Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day . . . the unusual holiday

It sure seems to me that Mother's Day
 is an unusual holiday.
Maybe when I am 
older it will make sense.
Every mother I know
hates Mother's Day
It seems to be the day
above all others
that we feel inadequate,
unqualified, and at best
Mother's Day should never, ever, ever be
on Sunday, the day that we rush about
to get children fed and dressed
in their Sunday best;
arriving at church frazzled
from the morning's drama.
(or at least in my world.)
Then we come home to hungry children,
tired children, restless children,
and we wonder if or when
this will ever really be a holiday for Mother's.
I am, however, grateful for my mother.
I owe everything to her.
I wouldn't be me without her.
I tried to liven up her day with a special surprise
at work Saturday night.
She's a night house nursing supervisor
at a very big hospital
and she works the graveyard shift
which meant no Mother's Day for her.
She was sleeping.
This was her card (also a card I used for Cards for Connor)
which I will be posting the results of soon, I promise.
And this was my dinner - the one I made.
and bought
and cleaned up.
 and these are the
reasons I "celebrate" Mother's Day.
which I guess in the end
make this unusual holiday,
the one worth celebrating.


Sharli said...

Giggle, Rachele, you are so right! I think it was Jeanette who asked about our most memorable Mother's Day and I nearly choked on my water when my mind flitted from the one where my DD was lost in the neighborhood, or the one when she completely trashed the house making undercooked eggs and such (reminded me of your post recently about responsibility!). Mother's day isn't much of a treat. Althought your family - what a collection of dolls!

But, having a Mother, now that's really amazing and worth celebrating!

Karen Pedersen said...

Thanks for the giggle! So true. Your mom's card is gorgeous. And, you do have a BEAUTIFUL family.