Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

By popular request!
This is another handout for my Beehives.
This lesson was on Righteous Traditions.
The lesson reminded me of one of my favorite
childhood memories - making Jam.
My mom LOVED fresh berries!
She tried to grow our own, 
but we only ever ended up with a handful.
Still she wanted to preserve the tastes of summer.
We would travel to the fruit stands and buy
OH SO EXPENSIVE flats of fresh fruit.
At home we would wash and prepare 
the sweet, red fruit.  (Raspberries too!)
This week I took Mikensee out
and we bought all the supplies.
Strawberries were only $1/lb!!!
We showed up at my Mom's and
announced our plans.  My 18
year old sister (18 tomorrow!)
had never made fresh jam.
We had a great day and while
preserving a taste of summer
we preserved a righteous family tradition!
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Sharli said...

How wonderful!!! Yes, those special traditions, so easily lost if one isn't careful to preserve them (pun was NOT intended, truly! - but it's perfect!).

I was thinking of how I taught Kristen to make Danish foods that her Farmor (Danish for father's mother) used to make. I learned from her, and taught my daughter after Farmor passed away. I'm SO thankful that I had taken the time to learn so I could give Kristen that gift.

Hugs, dear friend.

Tiffanie said...

AWESOME idea!!! love it!

Tamara said...

If you really loved me, you'd send me one of every handout you're making... :)