Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I aM nOt SUrE WhAt WiLl FRIgHteN YoU MOrE. . .

The art that I'm posting 
which is certainly SPOOKY! 
or the fact that I am posting at all! 
 I would love to say that my absence is all from lack of time, 
and while time certainly has been a factor,
 truthfully, its more FEAR; 
the fear of rejection. . . 
the fear that no one cares if I post,. . . 
and the fear that no one cares if I'm even here. 
It scares me. 
 I'm sure on the surface we all look like we have it all together,
 but I don't. 
 You see, lately, 
I've had more in my life 
and on my plate 
that I feel I can cope with and adding it to for any reason 
would be more than I am able to bear. 
 Sad, but true. . . 
I wish I didn't allow fear in my heart 
except for maybe an occasional spook house on Halloween.
Now, I've opened up. . . FEAR an All.
Hope I didn't Scare you all right away.
 Scared or not, here is my post. 
 This was my Trick or Treat class Friday night.
Boo Crew Board Book

Cover of Boo Crew Board Book

Back of Boo Crew Mini Board Back

12X12 One Sheet Wonder Box

Candy Box

Candy Box Back

Candy Box Side 2

Boo Bag


Gretchen said...

I check your blog every day and I am HAPPY you are posting again!
(still waiting to hear from Kathleen...)

Sharli said...

Rachele - you have nothing to fear - I'm just simply delighted to see your post!! The board book is just amazing and the candy box (one sheet of paper - Wow!) is fantastic! How fun! I love the gift bag, too! It was worth the wait to see you creating these fun and exciting items!


furrypig said...

Welcome back I love seeing what you post on your blog and you have been missed so hang in there! xxx

Lois Michael said... in Him and believe. Love your projects, they are adorable.

Amanda Kay said...

Rachele, I love your blog and I enjoy getting your creative ideas in my inbox on occasion. I'm sorry things are hitting a rough patch for you in life, we all go through our ups and downs, I'm glad you are back to posting, even if it's sporadic. These Halloween items are just to die for and I only wish I could attend a class of yours to create a creation like this...SIMPLY AMAZING! Good luck to you and my prayers are with you as you go through this time!!

Amanda Kay said...

WOW....I'm a dolt...I just realized you are in Goodyear, I'm in Surprise...I wish I HAD known about your class!!! Sorry I missed it! How can I get on your customer mailing list for monthly classes?!

Karen Pedersen said...

GORGEOUS artwork! Love it. I was feeling extra fearful a couple of years ago when Dan-the-Man lost his job. I went to a regional Relief Society meeting and the speaker's topic was....yep, you guessed it: Fear! She spent the whole talk explaining that fear is Satan's tool to destroy faith. She said that faith and fear cannot be in the same place at once. She quoted many general conference talks on the subject. It was just what I needed. So, get rid of the fear and get into the faith, girl! It feels much better!

Kelly said...

Wow! Fantastic projects! Keep posting! :)

2cut said...

So glad to see you are back! What amazing projects you are sharing with us. I love checking out your blog.

Eryn Hagen said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your crafty style...everything here is amazing! you should have no fear in showing your projects, YOU have definitely INSPIRED thank you for that!! :)