Saturday, March 1, 2008

His Tonsils and Adenoids were RiPpEd from His Head

And all they gave him was this lousy sticker:

Bravely and Innocently He Trustingly Goes; my little lamb to the slaughter:

Today was a tough day for me and in fact it's been a tough week. If you've never had the experience of having a child needing some type of surgery or advanced medical care, count yourself blessed. Our experience today was a lot like going to McDonald's. Talk about a "drive-through" surgery!

It would be nice if people who work in this type of position would treat their jobs as if they are treating people and not like a routine. Our Doctor, Admit Nurse and Anesthesiologist were all very nice, but outside of that, I felt like I was just another number in a fast food line. I realize that they do this job day in and day out, but this was my little boy and this was big for us. I'm not looking forward to doing this again when Wyatt goes in sometime in the coming months -- as soon as I feel ready to do it again.

My little Walker-man, so brave, so trusting. You can see he's nervous but being very brave. He comes out hysterical. He cried for over an hour. He was inconsolable. The discharge nurse just keeps frantically working to get us out as if her pay was going to be docked if she didn't beat the 90 second drive through timer. "You don't like the green pop-sickle? Hear have some apple juice." "I'm going to take out your IV." "I'll wrap it up so it doesn't bleed all over." "Okay, let's take that off, mom, you can change his clothes." "Do you want a Scooby-do band-aid?" "NO?" "Here, have a sticker."

When we get home and I'm tucking him in bed, he still has the sticker crumpled in his little fist. I'd forgotten all about it and yet there it was. . .a pathetic token of a trying day. . . battered and little old. Would you like a side of fry's with that?


Elizabeth Wickland said...

How sad! The crumpled sticker and its back story have me in tears! I hope he is feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Your photo tag line about him being taken into surgery just broke my heart! I work in healthcare (safety) and will share your thoughts with my co-workers. I hope we never forget the reason we are there.

Poor baby Walker! Hope he's feeling MUCH better today.


Elaine said...

Oh Rachele and Walker, bless both of you! I hope you are both feeling better and recovering! You are such a great mom Rachele!! Sending lots of kisses and squeezes to Walker!!!! Love, elaine

scrappernic said...

Awww--poor kid. I am so sorry that you had to go through that and worse yet for the way they pushed you out. That's terrible. Big hugs for Walker and you too Mama!

Kari said...

I hate feeling to be made like a "number" - hate it even more when it is my child!! I'm sorry you had to go through this experience in such a thoughtless way!

Susan said...

I have never posted but been a lurker for a while. I am such a fan though...So here goes my tonsil stories!

I have had this two ways and let me tell you this McDonald's Drive-Thru surgery was not the way. My youngest had his out just like Walker...Bringem' in, Gettem' out...It was horrible! He cried and cried.

Now my oldest just had his out in December and we had a totally different experience. We were taken in at 6:30 am...Tonsils out...He recovered for over an hour with a nurse by his side the whole time....Then we were taken to a room and recovered all day until 6:30 pm....Totally different experience for sure.

What a difference it makes for them to take their time recovering and being watched all day...Poor Walker. So sorry it was a horrible experience...Lot's of hugs!