Saturday, March 8, 2008


We are making it! Walker finally did not require Tylenol with Codeine to get out of bed. His breath (although horrid for a few days) is finally tolerable. He tried really hard and was a very brave boy, but it was a LOOOOONG week. A few things to remember if you ever have a child go through this:

1. Just keep them medicated.
2. Don't plan anything and don't try and go anywhere. Good luck on sleeping.
3. No Ketchup (2 hour melt-down)
4. No lemonade (even Crystal Light) - (You don't want to know what this was like!)
5. Beware of other selective "food" items. There is sometimes no rhyme nor reason.
6. The Doctor probably can't remember what it was like if he had his tonsils out and probably hasn't. . . don't listen to them, they have no idea.

Thanks for the well wishes. We really appreciate you!

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Tracey I said...

Hi Rachele oh I just have to comment on your tonsil episode. First did the dr. not check your son before he left the hospital? They should of, to make sure he wasn't bleeding and could swallow. Our dr. made the kids stay if they hadn't eaten a popsicle or something cold. Also I think what spins the little ones out the most is the anesthesia. Be prepared for an emotional child for awhile. My little guy, well he was 4 almost 5 when he had his out and is 8 now, was emotional for about a month. I think it just takes them that long to work it out. Also and most importantly, did your dr. tell you to watch your little guy closely between days 7-10? That is when they're scabs come off. Not to be gross but that's when they can experience bleeding and if they do they have to go back to the ER right away. I guess I should ask because I'm assuming they used a laser, which basically is like burning them. Ok so that's my input. My little guy ate pasta and eggs for almost a week and 1/2 so also watch out for foods that might scratch. When I took my son back for his check after 10 days my dr. told me he had just had to take a little guy back into the OR because he had chicken nuggets at McDonalds. Not good on the scabs and they started bleeding. Sorry if this is all too much info. Hang in there it will get better and can I tell you the my Sam rarely gets colds now.
Tracey I