Sunday, March 9, 2008

Am I A Digital Diva?

The jury is still out on this! I decided to try my hand about a year ago and bought the necessary PSE 5.0. I messed around with it for a couple of days and set it aside. I've watched in awe as many of my friends have jumped in so I enrolled in Jessica Sprague's Up and Running. This was class week 1 and probably bad timing with Walker's neediness, but on the other hand I had lots of lap time, so we worked on it together. I desperately need to upgrade my RAM and these digi layouts took me by far more time to create than any single paper layout I've ever done, with less than impressive results. . . so. . . I can't say if I will become a digital diva, but I do know that I will not give up being a paper craft addict!!! Here are my first digi pages:

First Ever Page, followed step by step instructions:

This is a template provided to which I only had to add journaling and a clipped quote:

Template only

AIGA Design Archives Challenge

For this one I had to pick a design and mimic it in a digital page. My page mimics Safeway Soda Pop. You can view the packaging at the AIGA web-site. I did this page from the ground up. . . found the paper, colored it to mimic the ad, found and added the ribbon, created my own title, added their names. . . Like I said, nothing exciting, but I did do it all myself!

Digital Diva???? We'll see. . .

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Kari said...

Love all of your LOs ... you're doing a fantastic job!!