Friday, November 21, 2008

Basically Christmas

I'm gearing up for a little Christmas fun on my blog. I promised myself that if I were going to send homemade Christmas cards out that they MUST be done by Thanksgiving weekend. As a result I came up with a plan. I am making 5 Christmas Cards of 1 design for 12 days in a row. At the end I'll have made 60 Christmas cards. Those coupled with the dozen or so I've already made and have stashed in my drawer and I'll be set! Dress warm and be on the lookout!

I'm going back to the basics. These cards are fun but most of all SIMPLE! They are completely doable and utterly copyable! So watch for what's coming, complete with cutting instructions so you can pull out your supplies and make them right along with me! Make 1 or 20 of one design. It will be up to you, but I promise if you have the basics in your stash you'll be able to do my basically Christmas cards!

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