Monday, May 11, 2009

Now Appearing in their "Natural" Habitat. . .

WalkerThe Entire Zoo - Mikensee, Jessica, Walker on the Left, Wyatt on the Right
My little Monkeys - Walker on the Left, Wyatt on the right

Jessica (still showing her stipes!)

The Lioness - Mikensee

I guess my kids didn't think my Mother's Day Joke was too funny, 
so I'm trying to make it up to them.  I guess posting the pictures with 
their eyes crossed wouldn't help, so I chose these. 
I'm very lucky to be the mom to such a wild bunch!


Sharli said...

Oh Dear!! But it was funny - it was totally COOL! The descriptions you posted were so sweet and reflective of their individual personalities! I must admit, I love these photos even better! Beautiful young people - it shows how much they are loved!

Tobler's M♡M said...

The pictures and the descriptions are really cute! Your Kids are so big! Mackensee is a beautiful Young Women! you are an amazing Mom!♥

Jena said...

Cute kiddos! Though I enjoyed the previous post, too - TFS!