Friday, May 8, 2009

The only kind of "Stationery" for me!

Have you ever ridden a stationary bike? I used to ride Aerodyn's. . . I hated it! If I'm going to exercise I need fresh air and not a stuffy, sweaty gym! I know some people are addicted to them, but this is the only kind of stationery I want to slave on! I know it isn't likely to help my abs or thighs, but my mom enjoyed getting this as a Valentine's Day gift!


Lois Michael said...

Very cute Rachele! Ok girlfriend, now that you climbed up out of the mud, can you grab my hand & help pull me out. LOL I am in the same rut & it is time for change. We need to get back to our You ,Jenn & me play days!

Sharli said...

Well, you may have been in a rut - but you were certainly busy! This is amazing! LOVE it, and of course your Mom loved it!