Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't Fall Over Just Yet. . .

I know that if you are still out there, hanging with me,
you are most likely falling off your chair!
The thought of an actual post gracing the pages of my
 blog. . . I know I am!  Truly, it's not for lack of material.
 My life, is, as always, eventful and somewhat creative. . .
it's just also short on the time spectrum!  

On Tuesday we had a back to school swimming pot luck and party 
for the young women in our ward.  I had a cute idea to send them 
back to school with something to remind them of who they are. . .
 and that they are oh so important!  I hope you like them!  
The girls seemed pleased.  I also made one for each of my kids.
 I will attempt to sneak them in their backpacks the 

day they start school this year. . . shhhhhh, don't tell them!
Finished Project

Mini Squeeze - Drink Mix and Water
Cutesy Note
Hope you have a Beary Grand year.  Have a treat and a squeeze to get you through your first day.

Most of the product was CTMH,
but I did make the card using Digital Technology.  :)
 I'm so tech savvy!  

I won't promise anything, 

but I'll try to get 15 minutes of blogging
in a few times a week.  

Not that anything I have is worth your 15 minutes,
but as always, this isn't about you. . . 

(that was my 3 seconds of evil for the year!)

Love ya!  and if you are still around, 

you must really love me!


Sharli said...

What a darling and thoughtful surprise for your young women! You are so amazing!!!


Jen said...

I love them girl!! Great job!'s okay to be a little evil now and then. keeps the cosmos balanced. :)