Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Just" Jessica Turns 9 - Happy Birthday Girl!

Just Jessica is how we explain this amazingly wonderful, extremely talented, wildly outrageous bundle of girl she is and the wildly exasperating and often mind bending things she challenges us with.   No one else could be, well, Jessica!  Truly coincidentally (or maybe not so) Jessica was asked to speak today in primary.  The topic is the first line of her talk.  There wasn't a dry eyed adult in the room.  Love you girl!!!

Jessica's Talk for Sunday, August 8th

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He is a God of miracles.  We all know of stories in the bible where Jesus worked miracles for others, but he still works miracles today.  I know that this is true.  I know it is true because Jesus Christ has worked a miracle for me.
9 years ago today I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The same day I was born my mom was at gymnastics with a friend watching Mikensee at her practice.  They were discussing the desire of my mom's heart to have a baby.  For several years my mom, dad and sister had prayed for a baby girl to come into their lives.  They tried to adopt several children through the state, but something always happened and they had to say good-bye to several kids that they loved.  Because of this they were very sad, but continued to have faith that God would work a miracle for them.  A stranger, sitting behind them overheard their conversation and asked my mom if she heard her right.  "Are you trying to adopt a baby?" she asked. 
My mom said,  "Yes, why do you ask?."
The woman proceeded to tell my mom that her sister was an adoption specialist in Utah and then asked, "Are you a Mormon?"
My mom's heart sank.  They had been passed by for other adoptions and had been told by some agencies that they wouldn't even work with her because of her membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She knew she couldn't lie and said, "Why yes I am, is that a problem?"

The woman said, "No!  We are too!"  They were both relieved.  She gave my mom her sister's number and once they got home my mom called her right away. 
The woman's sister was an adoption specialist for children with medical needs.  My mom was a little sad and told the woman, that while she really, really wanted to be a mother to another baby she didn't think she was strong enough to adopt a baby that would have to spend so much time in hospitals and at doctor's appointments.  The woman asked if she would have a problem adopting a baby of a different color.  My mom said "Absolutely not!"  The kind woman gave my mom the name and number of a friend who only worked at adopting babies with the same skin color as mine.  My mom was so excited.  She called TLC Adoptions immediately!  The agency sent her the paperwork to begin the process and my mom and dad stayed up almost all night filling out the paperwork.  Early the next morning my mom received a call.  It was TLC Adoptions.  They said a baby girl had been born the night before and that the family that was going to adopt the baby had changed their mind due to some other circumstances.  She told my mom that if our family wanted to adopt the baby girl that she would need to complete the paperwork, arrange to speak to my biological mother on the phone and be on an airplane to Indiana that day.  My mom cried with joy and excitement.  She hung up the phone hugged and cried with Mikensee, called my dad and then her mother.  Everyone went to work and she was on a plane that night to meet me.    After almost 5 years of prayers and effort my family had me.  I was a miracle and so were the circumstances under which we were united.

I have no doubt that my family is mine.  I don't know why I had to come to this earth with a different biological mother, but I know it doesn't matter.  I know my mom is my mom and that she always has been.  I know that when we were sealed in the temple my blood became the same as theirs and that they are my family.

I know Jesus is the son of God and the He IS a God of Miracles.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


Jen said...

oh sweet Jessica!! Happy Birthday! oh Rachele!! soo awesome. i love it!

Sharli said...

I, too, have tears running down my face. But, of course, you know these are tears of joy! Joy at "Just Jessica" and how amazing she is, that she knows all these things and only 9 years old. Happy Birthday sweet Jessica. Yes, indeed, Jesus is the son of God and he love you.

Margaret Kane Ward said...

:::crying at 4 am::: Thank you Rachelle & Jessica for sharing your testimony; It strengthens mine.

Elaine said...

I, too had tears...she's so precious and a gift- I'm glad she knows it!
Love, e

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica! What a great story you and your Mom have on becoming party of the Funk Family!! I was crying this morning as I read it:)

Betenson's said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say. I am totally teary eyed. What a beautiful testimony of adoption, and our Heavenly Father's plan. Thanks for sharing this, it really touched my heart. I love this talk. You guys are all so great, and you make such an amazing family. I am glad to know you.