Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Inside - Enjoy the View

I watch my kids in utter and total amazement. What on earth is going on inside their heads? I'd love to get inside and enjoy the view, but instead I watch from this side. Wyatt, for whatever reason, decided the dominoes I was using for Jessica's math lesson were the perfect toy. For over 9 hours he set up the dominoes and knocked them down. He moved from place to place around the house and tried them in many formations and locations. It wasn't until I shot this picture around midnight that it hit me. . . He had not put these things down for hours! He stopped to have dinner, but I could not get him to go to bed! After I took this photo he set up the entire box, here on the pedestal at the end of our family room entertainment center. He promptly knocked them all down (at 12:37 AM) and got up and went to bed. He has not touched them since. This, of course, is one of only 100 things my children have done in the past week that left me scratching my head with a huge smile on my face.


Barbara said...

Wyatt and Walker just crack me up. I can imagine that I will be in your shoes when my girls are just a little older. While not twins (now 5 mos and 20 mos), they will be into everything. LOL I just love reading about their antics.

Again I want to thnak you for the very kind RAK. I love the stamp set. I was such a blessing on the day I received it. Thanks again for your kindness.


Kari said...

Gotta love something that will keep their attention for that long ;) My girls love dominoes, too! Wonder what it is about them?

Jan Scholl said...

Have you tried to teach them the game? I tought a three year old dominoes and he beat me!

Rachele Funk said...

Teach them dominoes? I don't even know how to play! The way we have always played is so cheesey I just can't believe that this is why they are sold on the public market! LOL!!! I assure you if I taught them they would win. I taught my oldest to play Chess at 5 and she beat me the first full game we played! Yes, I'm that bad!