Thursday, September 6, 2007

They Smell Like Boys!

So many things to blog, so little time!

It just isn't right that a 4 year old little boy can be so cute in a tutu! It drives my husband crazy that his sons like to play dress-up and wear finger nail polish! I'm not a child psychologist (and I know this is my 2nd post with my boys dressed in girls clothes), but I tell him it's perfectly normal and that if the boys were older and it was my girls on the tale end, that the girls would play with Tonka Trucks and dig in the dirt all day! Now, I'm sure this, my husband wouldn't mind! I think it's horribly cute, perfectly normal and I love snapping all the pictures I can! Right now they still love me. They still want me to kiss and tickle them. They enjoy curling up in my lap and in my arms and I know that it will all change. So for now, I guess, I'll take the pink tutus and polished finger nails. The boys spend plenty of time each day in the dirt, playing boy things and keeping me on my toes. Besides. . . they still smell like boys, I promise!!!

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Kari said...

Love it! And perfectly normal ... I'm sure we'll be having the same problems here in no time. My husband has already said he can only have painted toenails because they can be covered by shoes ;) I've got pics to scrap of when the girls tied a bow on his head ... should do that this weekend so I can post!