Friday, September 7, 2007

Waaaah, No Wii!!!

So I decided for Christmas (remember it's only 109 days away and it was only 109' in Phoenix today), that my family would get a Wii. My friend Kari, is a self proclaimed Wii champion and based on her solicited, but appreciated recommendation, I decided that it would be a great fit for our family and a great way to wrap up Christmas Shopping pretty quickly and almost painlessly! BUT, this is what I'm finding already:

WHAT??? You've got to be kidding me!!! I checked in Costco today. Although the isles are presently stocked with gift wrap, ribbon, lights, candy, cookies, giant snowmen, and more (all just in time for the holiday season), their Wii shelf was completely empty. "No problem," said I, there is more than one way to bag Christmas! I came home, went online only to find the same pallet (although digital this time) empty! It just can't be!

WAAAAAAH, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, Don't tell me there will be NO Wii for Christmas!!!


Kari said...

Take a deep breath, my friend ... there is hope! I'll tell you the recommendation that was given to me when I was hopelessly looking and calling every store within a 50 mile radius trying to find one in March. Look at the ads in the Sunday paper. If a store has them in the ad (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc) they are guaranteed to have a limited number in stock. Bummer is when they're gone, they're gone. Bigger bummer is the ads come out on Sunday so that is when they become available. I won't encourage running out on Sunday to snag one but that is probably your best bet ;) That being said, I called on Monday morning following a Circuit City ad and they still had 8 on the shelf. I drove as fast as I could to get there and walked away a happy customer! Now, the lady in front of me and the guy behind me were both buying them and I sent a friend at the same time to buy one for her family (you get the picture) so half of their supply was gone in 2 minutes, but I got one and we love it!! It may not be the Costco bargain, but it would get one in your hands!! And keep checking at Costco and - they may get more in before the big day :) GOOD LUCK!!!

Elaine said...

I don't know if you want this big package...but here you go!


Kasey said...

I'm a friend of Kari's (linked here from her blog) and I work in the video game industry. I agree that you need to do exactly what she said. It also doesn't hurt to "stalk" a local store. Become friends with the manager in the electronics dept. Get him/her to tell you when they're expecting their next shipment. They literally go to the 7 or 8 people that are standing in the store when they're delivered.