Monday, September 10, 2007

Look what the TWINS dragged in

Yes, meet Copper (little orange boy) and Penny (sweet calico female).

So, I'm weak and said yes. How can you possibly say no to this?
The name thing was a big deal. . . Mikensee wanted to name the little boy Max and I just couldn't do it! A couple of our friends have sons named Max or (Maxx) and either way, it didn't work for me. I suggested Rusty and W&W loved it, but M said no. Jessica doesn't much like cats (although she is warming up to the kittens!) Mikensee thought right away that she liked Molly for the litte girl and we all thought that was cute. Anyway, M says he isn't RUST, he's orange (and you all know nothing rhymes with orange) so I suggested Ranger (Orange - O, + R) Mikensee threw a fit! (I thought I was quite clever!) The boys voted for whatever I said, so Mikensee just knew it was rigged! So, I continued. Penny is cute (copper you know) and it's too bad he isn't a girl. . . and there we were! Copper and Penny! Now, she doesn't really fit the bill, but it goes so well together! We mostly call her baby and Mikensee thinks Princess is cute, but we've already had a dog named Baby and my Mom's favorite dog was Princess (it was supposed to be Dorothy and TOTO, but that's another story!) So Copper and Penny is it! Nice of you to drop in and meet them!

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Kari said...

You are officially a total sucker for your kids ;) They are awful cute. I know my kiddos would love to have a pet but it's not in the cards for now ... we'll look into a dog once Cougar is 5 or so!