Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Comments on Posts and a Morsel of First Artwork

Thank you all for you comments on my post. . . I do love em! Just one little thing, if you ask me a question and don't have an email in your profile it's very hard for me to get in touch with you. Of course I could leave another comment on the post, but I'm not sure that you would ever know I replied unless you stop back by to check.

You can always email me from the link on the right OR update your profile with an email so I can get in touch with you. Of course if your question is pertinent, I will always accommodate a new post for you!

So. . . Where did I bet my boxes? They are Bare Elements "Sam" boxes. They retail for $15. I have one left that I'm happy to sell for $12 plus postage to you. How much can an empty box cost to mail? (not quite empty, it includes dividers and base pages!)

My snow babies use their original hangers and I put them on my Christmas tree with coordinating ribbon, but I'm sure just a traditional Christmas hook will work well too!

Thanks again for your kind comments. Comments really make my day!

Just for fun; This is a card I made for a swap the first year I started with CTMH and the 2nd one I ever made (on my own). . . Go ahead and laugh, but hey, I had to start somewhere!

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Nicole said...

Hi Rachele, I actually think that card is pretty darn cute! Especially for your first one. You should be so proud of yourself for how creatively far you have come. I am way interested in that box if you still have it. Just email me. Thanks! Also for the heart on the lid of the box is that just the flourishes dimentional elements? That you cleverly put together?

Nicole Martin