Thursday, October 30, 2008

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Am I the only one old enough to remember Mickey Mouse Club? I can't think of the big cheese without singing that silly song!

There is something about scrapbooking that's hard to explain unless you do it. Many people never try it because it can be so intimidating; especially when the magazines mostly show pages that the scrapbooker spent hours perfecting and frequently show only one or two photos on a page. I don't know about you but I have 8+ photo boxes from the old 35mm days and going on 25000 images on my external hard-drive (which I do back up, but I'll post more about that another day!) If I only scrapbook 1 or 2 photos per page I'll be 978 years old before I get caught up. Oh, but wait! If I live that long I'll have and average of 1.25 million photos left to scrap! You get the point. You will never be caught up. Sometimes, when you get a really great photo a one page layout is a must. Sometimes a close topic or subject is worth one really great page, but other times that would be plain overkill. Today I'm showing you the latest installment of my Get It Done Scrapbooking class results. I encouraged my class to bring ALL of their Disney photos, not just their latest trip or their favorite trip or the trip with the best photos. I went to Disneyland the first time when I was 12. I went again on a High School Acapella Choir Tour. I didn't go again until my now 11 year old was 2 and we've been a total of 3 times as a family. I chose the 3 family trips and scrapped all of them in one evening on 8 pages. I'm only going to show you the main 5 pages here, but the last page uses a CTMH True Fit Folio. You can see the remaining pages here. My boys had such a good time on the rides we took almost no photos of their first trip to Disney, but with so many of the "extra" photos being the same for each trip, it doesn't really feel that way at all!

Hidden Pockets and the True Fit Folio allowed for almost 100 pictures to be featured on 8 pages! All but 10 photos were taken in the 35mm era, so no photo editing, no re-do shots, just plain old family photos taken from a box. Another side benefit to this kind of scrapbooking is the gratitude you feel when looking back on these memories. My kids have had a blast looking at and talking about their Disney memories and even having a glimpse at moments they don't remember. While these pages won't end up on the pages of a magazine, they will be treasured by family for what I hope to be many generations to come.

P.S. I use CTMH LEVEL 1 Scrapbooking Kits plus a little extra for all my Get It Done Scrapbooking Classes. IF you haven't ever given those fab kits a look, you really should!

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Kelly said...

Great pages....and I have the Mickey Mouse Club song stuck in my head!! lol