Monday, February 18, 2008

How Twin Are They?

So today was another sad day for me. My babies are really growing up! Today, not one, but both of my twins lost a tooth. Here is a little collage I made of the event:

(to see the collage larger, just click on the photo)

Wyatt didn't like this event much at all. At first he was brave and you can see he's smiling in the picture with his brother showing off their lost teeth. . . but then, reality set in and for the next 4 hours Wyatt cried. He begged me to put it back. He asked me why I took his tooth. He told me I am the bad mommy and I need a big spanking. He told me that he wanted a new mommy. He told me that he needs his tooth and that it didn't have chicken in it. He cried. He finally fell asleep in my arms. He woke up and still complained and cried and wanted me to put it back. I tried to explain that it will grow back. His brother showed him that his other lost tooth was growing back in. It didn't matter. I finally distracted him with Sponge Bob Collapse. He still got up first thing this morning and asked me when I was going to give him his tooth back and that I didn't have to pull it out just because it had chicken in it. This just proves my point that they are growing up way too fast and they just aren't ready for this!!!

On a side note, my boys are fastidious about their teeth. They floss after every meal and can't stand having "chicken" in their teeth. Chicken (or any meat we call chicken) is the only meat they eat. I discovered the loose, almost to be swallowed baby tooth while cleaning chicken out of his teeth. After extracting with a small grab of a paper towel I checked Walker's tooth only to discover that he too was about to swallow his tooth. . . So how twin are they? Look at this collage and you decide!

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Kari said...

That is unbelievable!!! Ashton said she is the only one in her class that hasn't lost a tooth yet - doesn't even have any loose ones! She'll be 7 in May and is DYING to lose one. Love the mosaic, too!