Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lassos and Whale Chicken

Yesterday it was Pirates today, we're cowboys. The boys were MIA for long enough for me to go looking. I found them in the garage with homemade lassos (string with some broken thing tied to the end -- very creative) and they were lassoing the garage door tracks. . . The pictures aren't great as the sun was blaring through the glass blocks to the side of them, but at least I have the memory. "MOM! We're real cowboys, see??!!??"

What's on the menu?

For dinner tonight we had one of my mom's old stand-by's; tuna fish on toast. I know it sounds like a meal fit for a king, but I'm sure tuna, milk, and bread must have been cheap back in the day! My kids all like it and it reminds me of my childhood, so occassionally, we indulge. So here's the conversation we had while whipping up some tasty tuna:

Walker says, "Mom, I love whale chicken."
I say, "Whale chicken?"
Walker says, "Yep, this whale chicken." (pointing to the tuna fish can.)
Wyatt enters and says, "It's not whale chicken it's dolphin chicken."

Well, that settles that. It's not whale chicken it's dolphin chicken. So from now on we'll be serving dolphin chicken on toast.

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Kari said...

What a hoot!! Love when kids occupy themselves with their imaginations ;) Wonder if I can get my kids to eat tuna if they think it's dolphin chicken ....