Monday, February 25, 2008

A Pirate's Life For Me!

Saturday the kids asked to watch Peter Pan, I said sure. The next thing I know they had pulled out an old VHS of Hook. Not that this was Robin William's shining career moment, but it was the first movie that Mike and I ever saw as a "couple" so it has sentimental value. He fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie and proceeded to snore. . . so it's also a great story teller! I digress. . .

So, in the movie, Captain Hook and his crew really play up the pirate life. So today, this is what I get:




Jessica has panty hose on her head, Walker is giving his best "ARRRR" while sporting a pink leotard and ballet slippers, and Mikensee is holding up Jessica's treasure map in the back. They hauled our cooler out to the sandbox and filled it with treasure (oh joy!)until somehow Jessica remembered that she had this toy trunk and traded the cooler in for it. I watch them for a while as they take steps around the back yard as if they are those cartoons you see with the trail of feet prints trailing behind. You just have to love when reality checks out and imagination checks in. Jessica really wants to know if she looks like a girl pirate. I say, "yes." She wants to know if I want to know where the treasure is. I say "I already found it. . ."
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Kari said...

Loving those adorable pirate pics ... sounds like you've got some great imaginations in your house ;)