Saturday, February 2, 2008

XL What?

So it all started with my friend BJ's planned trip to Phoenix from NY with her daughter this month. . . Airfare? $2000+ per ticket. She could fly to Vegas for less than $300. . . then I'm on the freeway going to a listing appointment and I drive by. . . oh, yeah, its a little thing called the SUPER BOWL!!! Well that explains the air fare. . . I don't care much, other than that. THEN, dear hubby brings home VIP tickets for our family to attend the NFL Experience. Okay, 2 days until the big event and off we go. Sadly when we arrive I discover that my camera battery is dead and we have my cell phone to capture this momentous once in a life-time -- errr-- (I guess twice as this is the 2nd time the SB has been in Phoenix in recent years) event.

Here are the highlights (or the low lights if you prefer!)

Parking $10. . . Walk to event, 1/2 Mile
Wait in Line. . . for us minutes. We had VIP Tickets. For the masses waiting in line for tickets when we arrived 1.5+ hours. PLUS 30 minutes to get through the ticket gates. (Hawkers wanting to buy tickets? Many until the cops arrived and they all ran). I really wanted DH to see what they were offering, but he wouldn't! They were asking $25.

Wait in line for wristbands to participate (you have to sign a liability waiver), 30 Minutes.
Wait in line for super huge ferris wheel . . .30 minutes

Wait in line for bathroom . . . 15 minutes
Wait in line for NERF event . . . 1 hour plus the time we waited while the Patriot coaches' son cut in line for his turn. (I will say that W&W Rocked at this event! Wyatt go every football in the target without missing in less than 30 seconds - they had 45! Walker missed 2, but got them all in under 30 seconds as well. Their age group was under 8, but the "Nerf" people told us that if there was a 5 and under catergory they most likely would have won. The Nerf people had to take their picture before we left.)

Wait in line for other miscellaneous children's NFL Experience events. . . hours plus time while some other famous player's children had to pretend to have a good time participating in these events on camera.

Time spent while children had temper tantrums over wanting to eat . . . at least an hour.
Price for the 4 poofs of cotton candy conveniently packages with 2 blue and 2 pink poofs, $6. Time bought without whining? 30 minutes.
Price for a hot dog, $9 (it would have cost our family of 6 $100 for 6 hot dogs and 6 drinks.)
Times we were on the NFL Channel while in line for the super huge ferris wheel for the 2nd time? 9

Length of line for tickets when we left the NFL Experience 5 hours later? 1/4 Mile. . . Approximately 3 hour wait just for the privilege to get IN to the over-priced, under delivering affair!

What I wish? That I could figure out a less useless way for people to line up for hours and willingly hand me money hand over fist!

Overall thought? We enjoyed dinner at our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant, left stuffed for less than $60! Wish BJ was coming instead of the Super Bowl!

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Kari said...

WOW ... not that WAS an experience, wasn't it?! We didn't do one darn Super Bowl related thing and I don't feel like we missed out one bit!