Sunday, October 7, 2007

Be Ready to Drool!

One family tradition that I thoroughly enjoy is the making and eating of Conference Cinnamon Rolls! Twice a year when General Conference is on, I make and serve hot, fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls. I have to prepare them the night before because they must refrigerate for 2-24 hours prior to baking, but oh, my, are they worth it! We enjoy them with whipped OJ so we can at least pretend we are eating a healthy meal!

Here they are being prepared.

Here they are HOT, FRESH and OOZING with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Here's my recipe card. (I try and make all of my faves into 6X6 scrapbook pages!) But I actually taught a class on making these last spring, so I made 35 of these recipe cards! Yes, nuts, I know, but I think the class really enjoyed them!

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Kari said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe ... I've been wanting to try making cinnamon rolls for a while now cuz my hubby loves them ;) Yours look mouthwateringly good!!!