Monday, October 8, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Tagged by my breast cancer surviving friend Jana, I'm posting this in her honor! Have you had your mammogram this year?
Here are some more tidbits about me! None are quite as interesting as hers because I'm not wearing a terrific wig and I've never been to Hawaii!

2 Names I go by:
1. Mom

2 Things I am wearing right now:
1. Bob Mackie Perfume (my all time fave!)
2. Comfy Old Navy Just Bottoms (also some of my faves!)

2 of my favorite things to do:
1. Scrapbook
2. Paper Craft (duh!)

2 things I want very badly at this moment:
1. A day or two OFF
2. A day with no kids fighting!

2 of my favorite pets ever:
1. My 16 year old cat Booger who disappeared a couple of weeks ago
2. My black lab growing up, Eboneezer Smoke the 4th who only had 3 legs after our mean old neighbor shot him!

2 people I'm tagging (come on girls, you can do it!):
1. Jen at Just4FunCrafts
2. Lois at Gingerbreadaholic

2 things I did last night:
1. Played Uno with my kids (Both Wyatt and Walker won!)
2. Ate a Root Beer float and Popcorn

2 things I've eaten today:
1. A Chic-Fil-A Sandwich
2. 3 Hershey Nuggets

2 People I last talked to:
1. Tamara Wyatt
2. Sharilyn's Mom

2 Things I plan on doing tomorrow:
1. Leaving on a week long camping trip
2. Having a Smore hot from a camp fire

2 Longest Car Rides:
1. From Idaho to Arizona (when I came for Spring break in 1989 and many times since then)
2. A trip we took as kids when my dad thought it would be cool for us to ride in the back of the pick-up on a mattress. . . we went to Crater Lake (and froze to death) and somewhere in AZ and about died of heat stroke!)

2 Favorite Holidays
1. Christmas
2. Easter

2 Favorite Vacations
1. Exchange Student in Germany when 15
2. Canada Vacation with my hubby in 2001 (album on my blog!)

2 Dream Vacations
1. I'd love to go first class to somewhere tropical and exotic
2. I'd love to go on a really great cruise (just not to Mexico)
(I would also love to spend about 2 weeks in Disney World, but I'd have to go first class there too!)

2 Favorite Beverages
1. I love Diet Coke
2. I love Vanilla Coke Zero

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Kari said...

Love your info!! I want 2 weeks in Disney World, too!!