Friday, October 19, 2007

A Fair Day

So maybe it was better than fair, but we were at the AZ State Fair! Our day started with lots of lines. Lines to get in (on free Homeschoolers Day), lines for free rides (the kids each earned 3 free rides for reading and writing about 3 books), lines at the petting zoo (which really had a Zebu), lines for the bathroom after waiting in the previous lines and then of course, lines for Cotton Candy! The best part of the day (aside from watching W & W eat their very first bag of cotton candy --yes they each got their own) was having 3 of the 4 of my kids picked to participate in the Mad Science Show. Of course Walker wasn't too happy about being the one who didn't get his turn, but I'm sure the ride on the very huge slide made up for it! The worst part of the day was that W & W were not tall enough to ride on almost any ride. We went on the slide and resorted going back to it for a second run only to find out that they weren't tall enough and the carny didn't care that I had proof on my camera that they had already gone before! Walker especially didn't understand and was reduced to a puddle wailing "stop saying that, mom! I am big enough! Stop saying that!!!" I was really frustrated, but sad for him too! I also have to complain (slightly) that nearly NONE of the carnies spoke English and that many of the rides were being explained in Spanish. On top of that all the signs said "DO NOT PLAY OR RIDE UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES. IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, ASK THE ATTENDANT." Good luck with that!


Lois Michael said...

I missed this post somehow. Give Walker a hug for me cuz he missed out! Is that Walker the giraffe is trying to kiss on the head? Sounds like you had a busy day creating wonderful memories for the kids. Brave woman!

Kari said...

Fun day - aside from the slide fiasco!! We have yet to take our kiddos to the fair ... I think 4 days at Disneyland should count, no?!