Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can they be any cuter than this?

I guess from what I've been told, Mamma's always love their boys, but I don't know if they are this crazy in love with them. . . I just can't stand it! And yes, here are more pictures of my boys dressed in girls clothes. This time, PJ's, courtesy once again of Jessica (she's one sick puppy. LOL!!!)


Evelyn ( said...

oh my gosh, your boys are just too cute. Don't you just love when they get dressed up?

My name is Stacey said...

Your boys are ADORABLE! Your girls are beauties too but each time I see these little guys I just think they are THE CUTEST little guys ever!! Lucky you! :)

Kari said...

There really is something about a momma and her boys - I can't get enough of mine!! I can see why you are enamored with the ones you're blessed with - so handsome (even in pink pajamas ;)!!