Thursday, October 4, 2007

K is for Kids Keeping me Krazy!

I remember what life was like without kids. . . pedicures, ladies luncheons, charity auctions, leisurely dinners out most days of the week, sleeping in on Saturday, Weekend Get-A-Ways. . . SCREECH . . . (that's the sound of all of it coming to a halt and the noise level in my house most days!!!) LOL!!! So I've been meaning to post several things for several days now, but something keeps eating all of my time! I think its called Mommy Duties. Sometimes I find myself feeling a bit dismayed by all the effort I put into my kids (and the house we built for our kids -- with all of the stuff we buy for the kids) but then I remember that without them, life wouldn't hold very much purpose for me. So here's a picture of our family on our sealing day last Wednesday just to remind you that I do really love my family and life wouldn't be in focus without them!

And here are some of the things that have been keeping me hopping:

A Leaf Bug that my kids chased around our yard for several hours.

An entire day when the twins refused to do anything but take a bath in Mommy's BIGGER bathtub. (Note the sign in the background that says "Happiness is not what happens on the outside of you, but what's inside of you." Most days I truly buy into this theory, but other days I'm not so sure!!! It took 5 towels to dry up the mess!

And yes, I was brave (and stupid) enough to take all four kids to Lowe's to pick up plants to replace the multitudes that didn't survive our dry heat. At one point I had all 4 kids pushing 4 different carts following close behind. This was in an effort to minimize the bickering over who got to push the cart. Then, all of the sudden, with no warning, I was missing 1. We all headed off, (even though I asked the other 3 to stay put) in hunt of the missing Wyatt. Lowe's is a HUGE store! (I have a similar Home Depot story!) Soon I hear squealing laughs. Walker found Wyatt and they had taken up cart races through the isles. . . I just had to snap a few pics. . . I also had to hide my laughter as I scolded Wyatt for taking off in the first place and Walker taking off to find him! I must say, though, it took a like minded twin to know just where to look!!!


Jan Scholl said...

my son used to take a cart and lay himself under it on the rack and wheel himself around with his arms like one of the characters Wheeler in Return to oz-I thought he was so obnoxious like Micheal Keaton in Beetlejuice. making leering remarks to people. it got to the point I didnt want to shop at all. when he got older, he and his buddies used to sneak steaks into my basket.(I am vegetarian) and when I got to checkout, wondered what to do with the items. I then went to the store when kids were sleeping-what a relief. all the crazy people in mylife in bed and all the crazy people in the city shopping at 2 AM

Kari said...

Seriously cracking me up!! Love the HD story ... sounds like something my kiddos would be caught doing :) Love the pic of you at the temple ... what a special memory!