Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Boy!

Have you ever looked at something so long that it just doesn't make sense anymore? It's a Boy just seems weird! It should be He's a Boy! or A Baby Boy! But "It's a Boy!" just doesn't make sense to me anymore! Maybe because I just finished these 65 invitations to my friend Dawn's Baby Shower and I've stamped 40 more for the favors which aren't done yet!

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Wenonah said...

Smile. Probably because in the good ol' days, baby was a it, a surprise, and so when "it" came, finally the gender was revealed, thus, the "aha! It's a boy!" announcement.

Nowadays, baby announcements aren't as fun, especially if parents have announced the name they've picked out beforehand, and sometimes even the date, and all we're left to find out is the stats.

I often wonder, don't parents want to reserve the right to change baby's name when they actually SEE the baby? (My son's got a different name than what I went to the hospital planning his name to be.)