Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Nose is Melting

And other "W" isms keep me laughing every day.

"My Nose is Melting" is the answer Mikensee received to her inquiry as to why Walker was snorting through the dinner prayer.

"No, No, NO! I don't want to get married!" is what he was shouting as I asked him why he was dressed like pink cotton candy! This face says it all:

But what do these faces mean?

Wyatt is famous for asking "Do you want to help me eat?" This he asks when he's hungry and wants someone to make him something.

"We just kissed ourselves." Made famous by Wyatt and Walker after giving each other a love.

"Mom, come see! We found a machine!" They both exclaimed in complete amazement when our carpet cleaner was found mysteriously located in the living room.

We frequently have these comments when one or the other has exclaimed anger or displeasure with my rules: "Mom, you are my best friend." "Mom, I love you, but Wyatt don't." or "Mom, I love you, but Walker didn't." "Mom, I just love your cheeks and elbows. Don't you want some tasty neck?"

"I slept 3 times!" This they say when they come to get in bed with us and it's still dark outside. . . this because I tell them they have to sleep in their own bed for 30 minutes before they can get up - Yes, I'll use this as long as possible! It still works on Jessica!

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