Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking a Trip . . .

Tonight I was looking at some stamps. . . Particularly this one:

Don't you just love her?

I was trying to explain to Mikensee why I like this stamp so much (and actually all the stamps by this artist) and it hit me. . . Vintage Holly Hobby! So I started to try and show her who Holly Hobby was and the paper piecing pop art of Holly Hobby I made for my room (oh these were the coolest!). I so desperately wanted a Holly Hobby Bedroom complete with bed canopy! While I was showing her Holly Hobby I somehow turned to telling her about Strawberry Shortcake! Remember her? This is what I was lucky enough to own:

I actually had the very first issue Strawberry Shortcake doll and Blueberry Muffin (with the hard plastic hat!) Telling her about this I could actually smell them. I can still feel the plastic smooth hair and how I felt making those little strawberry shortcakes in my very own Strawberry Bake Shop! There was so much that came later but as I told her, I was 9 in '79 and by 1984 when she hit her prime I was 14 and on to bigger and better things! (Probably Punky Brewster!) So funny actually how something so simple could bring back such a flood of memories! We went from Strawberry Shortcake to Care Bears and then on to Rainbow Brite. I gave her Rainbow Brite PJ's for Christmas and she adores them, but it was fun to hunt the story of Rainbow Brite down and read it with her! (Remember Twink and Starlite?) I'm probably actually really dating myself, but I was amazed to discover that I was the first generation to actually have these really cool icons and the flood of what has come since. So, I'm going to encourage you today to spend a little time on a trip down memory lane and dig up some of your childhood joys to share with someone special in you life. I am going to bed with a smile on my face and the smell of semi-yummy plastic strawberries and blueberries wafting in the air.

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Jeanne said...

I LOVE that image! Oh my goodness...reading your post was going down memory lane for me. I remember ALL the things you wrote about.

Did you know there is a Hollie Hobby now who is the "grandaughter" of Holly Hobby? I remember seeing the stuff the first time and thinking they "ruined" HH by updating her. Then I learned she's the granddaughter. My girls love HH, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears. Oh my I'm almost reliving my childhood these days! LOL

Yup, and I'm dating myself, too!

Thanks so much for sharing! I'm with you on this one!