Monday, April 7, 2008

A Tradition is a Tradition and don't your forget it!

If you are a long time blog reader or if you've perused back through some of my posts you've no doubt seen my Conference Cinnamon Rolls or at least the recipe. Conference was this weekend and due to many circumstances beyond my control I did not get cinnamon rolls made on Friday night. I instead (thinking ahead at my busy week) bought Costco Blueberry Muffins. Usually my kids BEG, if not WAIL for me to buy them and I usually don't. Can you imagine, then, my shock when instead of being pleased with their Conference breakfast they were mad? You should have seen the absolute look of disgust of blueberry muffins and fresh strawberries on their plates where conference cinnamon rolls should be! They pouted, they complained, they were really disappointed. Lesson learned. . . a tradition is a tradition and I dare not forget it! So, here they are on Sunday morning with Cinnamon Rolls and FRESH Smoothies (instead of just OJ). I did my best to make it up to them. . .I think they appreciate it. W & W each ate 3 and then Walker complained that his tummy hurt. . . imagine!

P.S. The Strawberries and Fresh Smoothies are my get out of guilt ticket for serving a cinnamon roll sugar fest to my kids 2 days in a row 2 times a year! Try it! It works for me.

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