Friday, April 18, 2008

Take Two!

That's what you get with identical twins! So here we are a month later and guess where I spent my day? You guessed it! Wyatt had his tonsils and adenoids taken out today.
So much for my plans to wait until after summer. At Walker's surgical check up last week, Dr. S looked in Wyatt's throat and made us the appointment for today. FORTUNATELY after my last experience things were much improved. Maybe they actually read my survey and took drastic improvement measures. Perhaps we just had better luck. Maybe I wasn't so nervous (nope, that isn't it!) Or, we just had a completely different team. In any case, things went much better. Wyatt was so stinking cute. His surgery was later in the day and he just kept asking, "Okay, can I have my french fry's now?" I promised he could have french fry's after the surgery if he still wanted them. The poor kid was starving! No stickers today either. . . Wyatt got dinosaurs! They even gave us some to take home to Walker.

He woke up quickly from anesthesia and freaked! The Anesthesiologist quickly gave him some pain med. . . unfortunately he then went to the nurses, still freaked and they gave him a second dose. We had to wait in recovery a while longer (which might have aided the more relaxed tone of today's events) to make sure he was okay from the double dose of pain killer, but after the intial sobbing he fell into a deep sleep and slept until we got through the pharmacy and almost done getting gas. . . he was ready for McDonald's! He didn't wolf it down and only ate a few bites, but bless his heart, he got his fry's!

We were once again warned that the worst is yet to come. . . been there done that! Bring it on!!!


Nicole said...

Gosh he is such a cutie! I hope all went well and he is feelign much better. Wanted to let you know I have tagged you. Go to my blog to see details. :)

Nicole said...

Hey Rachele, I hope everything is going well with your little guy! That is sooo miserable for everyone. My 2 year old got hers out in November and it was a good three week recovery. Someday when life normalizes again post on how things are going.

Nicole Martin

bellameabhn said...

my little girl(she's 12 now) had to have hers out when she was four because of sleep apnea and it was a very tough recovery. i really hope both boys are doing well and recovery is going as smooth as possible.