Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like Fish To Water

Friday Night Funk Family Fun. . . the first time that Wyatt, Walker and Jessica have ever ice-skated and they looked like pros. I tried really hard to capture the joy they all felt stepping out onto the ice, but it is really hard to skate, take pictures and see in the dark! I had no idea that our skate would be in almost pitch black, but it was. Didn't matter to the boys or Jessica though. They stepped onto the ice and skated as if they were born to do it. It was so much fun to watch Wyatt as he built up confidence speed and just grinned from ear to ear. Our little joy boy just couldn't contain himself and he never quit grinning. He discovered the cones and had a blast going through and over them. Jessica made herself a big girl friend and they were both quite enamored with each other. Jessica liked Bailey because she was a real skater (wore a skate skirt) and Bailey Jessica because she can be just so stinking sweet!!! They kids skated for 2 solid hours with one small Zamboni break and the boys were mad, mad, mad when it was time to go. At one point after the boys had been separated for a while they met back up, hugged each other and never separated again for the entire night. We shared the rink with a high school group and it was so much fun to hear them ooh and aah over how cute they were and also talk about how great they skated. Mikensee has ice-skated once before, but she didn't remember at all and wasn't fond of the high school "group" or the dark, but she is ready to go again. Several of the "pros" told us we ought to sign the boys up for hockey. . . so much talent, so little time, (so little money. . . sigh).

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Anonymous said...

Love those cute faces. what an amazing blog, talented mother and gorgeous children. The Funky Family looks like professional skaters. Thank you, I love the invitations! :) Auntie Dawn