Monday, July 9, 2007

But it's a Dry Heat

Mikensee takes Wyatt, Walker and (Jessica) off the diving board and down the slide, once each, monkey style!

A dry heat, a dry heat . . . or at least that's what they always say! So how do we keep cool in the dry heat of 116' in Arizona? We swim! Me and the kids LOVE to spend hours in the backyard pool. My 3 year old twins shock and amaze everyone with the swimming abilities and swim freely under water and have NO FEAR! We went to a public pool and they weren't tall enough to go down the water-slide. . . so where did my boys go? They headed right to the diving board in the 12' end! The faces of the life guards were priceless! I will admit that even though they wanted to, I said no to the high dive! Here are some of the pictures from our Saturday 116' swim session! Now, out to the pool with all of us! Oh, and why? you ask, do my twin BOYS have on girl bathing suits? Well, that is because my 5 year old daughter has a very sick sense of humor! (And because they have 2 older sisters!)


Lois Michael said...

This is hilarious!!! Love the swimsuit....Cute pictures!

Laura Pierce said...

Those poor boys-they don't have a chance!!!! Don't you just love our dry heat out here-it is almost as good as our "dry rain". You just have to live here to understand. Great job with your blog.