Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, I was thinking . . .

That I am the luckiest mom in the entire world. I know as women, we all love our kids. We all think our kids are the best and I guess that's exactly right. . . My kids are the best kids for me and I am the luckiest mom in the whole world to be blessed to have the kids that are perfect for me! I know that we are supposed to teach our kids and the responsibility is a sometimes overwhelming task. . . BUT. . . I know that my kids teach me more than I will ever hope to teach them. I guess that it has always been this way, but now that mine are "mostly" able to brush their own teeth, potty on their own, and wash their own hands and faces, I'm really enjoying being the Mom a whole lot more than I have for several years now! Not that I'm complaining, but it really is fun to play with my kids now and I really just like hanging out with them! My little Walker man wakes up every day to proclaim that he loves me. . . He usually follows it with something else he loves. Today he proclaimed that he loves my house. . . I reminded him that it is our home and that I love it too. And today I really love being the Mom.

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